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Alumni Testimonials

Vanessa Borg, Business Development Director at Booking & Co., Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2013

After toying for some years with the idea of furthering my studies, I finally made up my mind when I came across the Master in Creativity in Innovation offered by The Edward de Bono Institute. If you are thinking of enrolling for this programme, be prepared, as this course will seriously challenge you - in a positive way. During this course, students are urged to go out of their comfort zone and to analyse the world through a critical lens. I can proudly say that, to this day, I still use the tools and approaches promoted by this Institute during my day to day work. I must not forget to mention that the Institute's members of staff are always doing their utmost to support the students and help them reach their full potential. If you would like to read for a Masters Degree with the aim of having a lasting effect on your career and your life in general, I wholeheartedly recommend the Master in Creativity in Innovation without a shadow of doubt. 

Vanessa Borg

Andre' Damato, Client Relationship Manager at MITA. Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2011

The Master in Creativity in Innovation was an exceptional experience. Having a background in Computer Science and graduating in this sector, I was looking for an educational programme where I could develop my skills horizontally. In effect, the Master in Creativity and Innovation was the ideal course for this, not only because it allowed me to develop me thinking abilities using Professor Edward de Bono's thinking tools, but also because it provided me with an array of skills and knowledge in relation to creativity and innovation from different perspectives including: organisations, business, entrepreneurship, psychology, foresight, technology and education. Having several students from overseas reading for the same Masters allowed the local students to share their thoughts and experience with others from different cultures. For my dissertation I focused on innovation in the manufacture of green technologies, where I proposed a green specialisation framework strategy to overcome the limitations of small states in the promotion of green industry and eco-innovation. The dissertation was received very positively both locally and abroad, in particular by Cyprus. Governments and the EU understand that the way forward is via Innovation, we cannot use today's solutions for tomorrow's problems; the room for innovators is growing more than before. Over the past years I have worked in different sectors, from ICT and Entrepreneurship Education, to Consultancy and Government Coordination. At present, I am working with MITA to coordinate ICT Projects between Ministries and MITA. The skills developed by the Master in Creativity and Innovation were not only valuable in each of these positions, but they also provided me with the knowledge and ability to comprehend scenarios from a horizontal outreach. I would recommend this Masters to anyone who is willing to read for a postgraduate degree to develop thinking skills and new knowledge towards innovation.

Andre Damato

David Demicoli, Business Development Manager / Account Executive at CasaSoft Ltd., Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2016

Reading for the Master in Creativity and Innovation was a though and challenging experience, but one which I will never regret. It develops an individual holistically, providing an individual with skills and knowledge which are hard to acquire elsewhere. Students during my studies were coming from different academic backgrounds and countries, so we always had a lot to share and learn from each other. The skills, knowledge and understanding I gained from this Master’s degree can be applied in any field, any industry, and any venture in life. I personally apply my skills and knowledge at my place of work on a daily basis. Speaking from my experience, I can say that this Master’s degree broadened my horizons and increased my opportunities. Today’s transdisciplinary world of business makes it crucial to cross boundaries between different disciplines. Critical thinking becomes vital for organisations operating in today’s dynamic world, in order to come up with creative solutions and innovative strategies. I believe that achieving this Master’s degree equipped me with solid foundations which I can continue to build upon and grow, both in my career as well as in my personal life.

David Demicoli

Lara Gail Dougall, Programme Coordinator at Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation. Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2014

If you are looking to expand your horizons, and have an interest in the world of entrepreneurship, then I strongly recommend applying for a Masters in Creativity and Innovation. This Masters reinforced my drive towards the world of entrepreneurship and equipped me with the necessary tools to not only improve my efficiency skills in the business world, but to also help me stand out in my career. This Masters is designed to improve your own entrepreneurial skills through academia, team work, and hands on projects; it doesn't only encourage creativity and innovation but is a great outlet for it. The knowledge and experiences gained through this course transcend the academic aspect of the course, which is delivered by high caliber academics. It also offers ample opportunities, networking, and (a lot of) support towards achievement. At the end of this interdisciplinary course, the four pillars of the Institute of Edward de Bono (Creativity and Idea Generation, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, and Foresight) will guide your professional and personal development. Plus, I got to meet Dr de Bono in person!

Lara Gail Bougall

Anna Galea, Artist (, Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2013

Exceptional in many ways – this is how I describe this experience. The course covers various disciplines that are very relevant in today’s digital age, where new technologies keep changing circumstances that in turn trigger new opportunities. Students are made conscious of the importance of abandoning a preconceived worldview, and of opening up to a lateral way of thinking. This outlook is actually liberating and can be applied to practically anything – from performing otherwise boring everyday life chores, to being innovative in one’s own area of specialization – in my case art. The study-units are carefully planned to equip students with a wide-ranging set of thinking tools that are so valid in the 21st century. Most of my fellow-students hailed from different countries and had different careers and backgrounds: in IT, marketing, accounting, tourism, entrepreneurship, teaching dance and drama, painting, etc. But we could all relate to the wealth of instruction presented by very able and dedicated academics. Lively discussion was actively encouraged during lectures and this resulted in vibrant interaction between lecturers and students that was mentally stimulating and challenging. Some assignments involved group work and delivering presentations. The Institute took my (and every other student’s) research for the dissertation very seriously and consequently the eventual outcome of the hard work involved was self-enriching. I can say that my outlook towards life in general and my passion as a painter has as a consequence been dramatically affected. I strongly recommend this course to those who wish to make the most of life – a creative way of living, from making a simple omelette more exciting, to being in the forefront in a present or future career.

Anna Galea

Angele Giuliano, Founder and Director of AcrossLimits, President of Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, MA in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2006

Being already deeply immersed in the business world, both locally and in Europe, the Masters in Innovation gave me an added insight into both the potential futures, and also in how to see my present from under different coloured hats (with acknowledgment to Dr De Bono!). This course is not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for those that prefer to live within a comfortable little cushioned box. I've continued to stretch my boundaries and go across my own limits (see and I can sincerely recommend this path to those that want to find that elusive fertile oasis within their own barren desert of a cut and dried lifestyle.

Angele Giuliano

Clayton Mercieca, National President of JCI Malta (2016), Manager for Investment Promotion at Malta Enterprise. Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in November 2010

Creativity’ and ‘Innovation’ have become more than buzzwords in today’s organisations whether in the Public, Private or Voluntary Sector – they have become inherent values in their respective strategies. The Master in Creativity and Innovation was an excellent platform as it exposed me to different tools, techniques and practices on how organisations and individuals can achieve that much-needed competitive edge and improved service. Being an interdisciplinary course, sharing knowledge of different disciplines amongst students was greatly facilitated and widened students’ perspectives on many levels. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to take away those blinkers which limit our thoughts, ideas and practices.

Clayton Mercieca

Oliver Saliba, Marketing Consultant at Market Advisory Services. Master in Creativity and Innovation, graduated in December 2015

After completing a degree in psychology, I decided to further my studies and started searching for a Master’s programme which was related to both psychology and business. I wanted to read for a Master’s degree which would not restrict my future opportunities to a very specific line of work, but rather expand my possibilities. This Master’s programme turned out to be everything that I expected and more. Through this programme, I had the opportunity to further my education and learn new skills in areas related to research, marketing, leadership, business, management, creative thinking and idea generation. Not only was the taught component of this programme interesting, it turned out to be a great experience. The programme featured excellent and supportive staff, offered numerous opportunities to meet interesting people from various countries and academic backgrounds, and offered several networking possibilities. After successfully completing this degree, I started working as a Marketing Consultant, whereby I had the chance of putting several of my newly acquired skills into practice.

Oliver Saliba
Exams Timetable Semester 2

Please click here to download the Examination Timetable for Academic Year 2016/7 - Semester 2

NEW Diploma in Gozo

We are very pleased to announce that our Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be offered at the University of Malta – Gozo Campus for the first time in October 2017. Please click here for further details.

World Creativity and Innovation Week

Between Saturday 15th and Monday 24th April, the Institute celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) together with thousands of people in over 60 countries around the world. For further details click here.

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2017

Edward de Bono Institute Director Dr Leonie Baldacchino and Department of Management resident academic Dr Nathaniel Massa, both from the University of Malta, recently joined delegates from 173 counties at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2017.

Master in C&I Student at Climate-KIC Course in Spain

Steven Diacono, who is reading for a Master in Creativity and Innovation at The Edward de Bono Institute, recently attended an 'Innovation Catalyst’ course, ‘Fostering Professional Skills for Circular Economy Transition - A Systemic Approach to Water Management’ in Valencia, Spain.

Master in Creativity and Innovation Timetable

Please click here to access the Master in Creativity and Innovation timetable for Academic Year 2016/17 - Semester 2.

Diploma in Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Timetable

Please click here to access the timetable for the part-time evening Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Academic Year 2016/17 - Semester 2

Optional Study Units Timetable

Please click here to access the Optional Study Units timetable for Academic Year 2016-17 - Semester 2.

Institute student attends short course in Valencia

In December 2016, Fiona Anderson, who is reading for a Master in Creativity and Innovation at The Edward de Bono Institute, was selected to attend a short course entitled 'Making Change Happen: Business Models for Climate Change Technologies and Innovation' in Valencia, Spain.

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