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This research area focuses on the design, development and implementation of control systems for wheeled mobile robots and robotic manipulators in order to enhance their capabilities through increased levels of accuracy and autonomy. Control algorithms developed in the department include algorithms for trajectory tracking of mobile robots in conjunction with obstacle avoidance, as well as novel neural network-based algorithms for stochastic-adaptive dynamic control of mobile robots where the controller estimates the nonlinear dynamics of the robot in real-time, so that it can maneuver successfully even in those situations when these are uncertain or time-varying. In contrast to other adaptive controllers hitherto proposed for mobile robots, these algorithms fuse estimation and control via the concept of dual-adaptive control that leads to improved performance.



The PowerBot mobile Robot 


    Robotic Manipulators available in the labarotatories


Further research in this area includes the investigation of various Simultaneous-Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms to enable a wheeled mobile robot to build a map of its environment while simultaneously and continuously estimating its location within this map. Both passive and active SLAM algorithms have been considered via simulations and physical experiments using PowerBot, a commercial mobile robot available in our laboratory, that is fitted with several high-end sensors including a laser range-finder and sonar belt.  The department also conducts research projects on trajectory control of robotic manipulators based on visual feedback through camera inputs, as well as active collaboration with colleagues at the University of Le Havre in France on the design of visual-tracking control algorithms for mobile robots.
FLIGHT - National Research & Innovation Programme
This event will feature presentations on research work & demonstration of the Touch-Flight Concept. Details HERE.

Vacancy in a major offshore pipelay
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Vacancy - Production Manager
Demsey Aluminium is seeking to recruit a member in the position of a production manger. Candidate needs to have knowledge of AutoCAD and familiar with CNC machines.

Those interested are to submit their CV on

Public lecture on Data-driven Modelling
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Have We Got Energy?
A lecture titled: "Have we got the energy?" will be delivered in the Engineering Lecture Theatre (ELT), Engineering Building on Wednesday 26th November at 12pm. Click on title for details.

Actavis Vacancy
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Mobile Competition

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VistaJet Call
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Baxter Vacancies
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Awards given to Staff
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Water Conservation Study
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Masters by Research
Masters by Research Proposals

Konnekt Vacanies
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M.A. In Humanitarian Action
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Employment Opportunities
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MSc in Applied Oceanography
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NZB Invitation
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