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Academic Year 2011-2012
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Academic Year 2011-2012 

Project Title: Replicating Arm Gestures using a Robotic Arm

Student: Kirsty Aquilina
Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Scerri 

Project Title: Anti-sway Control of a Gantry Crane System

Student: Mario Jr. Borg
Supervisor: Dr. Ing. Marvin K. Bugeja

Project Title: Path Planning and Control of a Mobile Robot Team

Student: Jean-Paul Callus
Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Scerri 

Project Title: Programming of Virtual Haptic Environments

Student: Matthias Cassar
Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Simon G. Fabri

Project Title: Two-Axis Magnetic Levitation of a Magnetic Material

Student: Darren Debattista
Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Scerri

Project Title: Self-tuning PID Controllers

Student: David Debono
Supervisor: Dr. Ing. Marvin K. Bugeja

Project Title: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Mobile Robotics

Student: Mark Debono
Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Simon G. Fabri

Project Title: Dynamic Modelling of an Industrial Robotic Manipulator

Student: Luke Farrugia
Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Simon G. Fabri

Project Title: Modelling and Analysis of the Interactions Between Air Pollution and Traffic Flow

Student: Nicolette Formosa
Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Scerri 

Project Title: Remote Control of a Lego Mindstorms Robot Over the Internet

Student: Darryl Schembri
Supervisor: Prof. Ing. Simon G. Fabri

Project Title: Autonomous Control of a Cart-like Mobile Robot

Student: Diandra Simiana
Supervisor: Dr. Ing. Marvin K. Bugeja

Project Title: Motion Tracking for Artistic Expression in Theatre and Dance

Student: Michaela Spiteri
Supervisor: Ms. Alexandra Bonnici

Project Title: Fuzzy Control of a Pendubot

Student: Dwayne Vella
Supervisor: Dr. Ing. Marvin K. Bugeja

Project Title: Real-time implementation of a motor imagery EEG based BCI

Student: Rosanne Zerafa
Supervisor: Ms. Tracey Camilleri


Funding Award for BrainApp
CBC awarded research funding under the FUSION Technology Development Programme (TDP) 2017

Closing date for MSc course applications


The deadline for late applications for the MSc in Signals, Systems and Control is the 31st August 2017. Click here for more information.

TVM news feature


News feature on the work currently being carried out by our PhD student Ms Rachael Nicole Darmanin, supervised by Dr Ing. Marvin Bugeja. Link here.

PhD scholarships at University of Sheffield, UK


Please click here for more information.

Postdoctoral Position in Robotics and Control


Postdoctoral Position at the University of Le Havre in France. Click here for more information.

MSc by Research - Call for Expression of Interest


The Department of Systems and Control Engineering and the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics are seeking students who are interested in pursuing studies leading to an MSc in Engineering degree (mainly by research) on any of the topics detailed here.

Postdoctoral Research Position in EEG


[CLOSED] Postdoctoral Research Position in EEG Signal Processing with the Centre for Bionedical Cybernetics. Click here for more information.

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