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Welcome to the Institute for European Studies Website
The Institute for European Studies is a multi-disciplinary teaching and research institute within the University of Malta. It runs an evening Diploma course, as well as full-time courses leading to the Bachelor of European Studies degree and to qualifications at MA and PhD level. Each year Maltese and international students enrol in its degree programmes, and through the ERASMUS Programme it offers a number of student and staff exchanges with universities and institutions of higher learning abroad. All of the Institute's courses are fully in line with Bologna Process guidelines.

Founded in 1991 as the European Documentation and Research Centre (EDRC), the Institute was granted the status of a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in 2004. The Institute is engaged in various research and publication activities in European Integration Studies and is a member of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), the LISBOAN network (Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by Broadening the European Network), EPERN (European Parties Elections and Referendums Network), EADI (the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes), PADEMIA (the Erasmus Academic Network on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe), the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), and the two Euro-Mediterranean networks, EuroMeSCo (the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission) and FEMISE. The Institute is also a member of the Council for European Studies (hosted at Columbia University). The research interests of its staff include comparative politics and history of the European Union (EU); EU institutions; EU external relations and enlargement; small states in the EU; Malta in the EU; Euro-Mediterranean Relations; Stability and Growth Pact; Economic Governance of the Euro Area; Europe 2020; EU development policies and climate change.




"The Anatomy of a Misfit: The 2014 European Election in Malta"
"The Anatomy of a Misfit: The 2014 European Election in Malta" has been published by Taylor & Francis Online written by Prof. Roderick Pace and Dr. Marcello Carammia.
Access the article

Energy Union Tour
How can Malta and the US as a whole ensure a reliable supply of electricity at affordable prices while respecting the climate and environmental goals?

NSTF Mini European Assembly
Attention:  First year students

Institute for European Studies Newsletter, issue 14/2015
Publication of the Institute's first newsletter for the year 2015

New publications - "A Decade of EU Membership"
Publication of the first three occasional papers in this series

Institute for European Studies Newsletter, issue 13/2014
Publication of the Institute's second newsletter for the year 2014

Jean Monnet Chair Conference Report
5th May Jean Monnet Chair Conference report on An Evolving EU Engaging a Changing Mediterranean Region

Europe, 10 years later
What has Malta gained from the EU? What were the pros and cons of these ten years in the EU? What needs to be improved?

MEP election campaigns - Professor Roderick Pace
This article analyses the MEP election campaigns of the two main Maltese political parties.

EU elections without Europe
Professor Roderick Pace interviewed on the MEP election campaign and the forthcoming 24th May MEP election

Declaration of Authenticity

Please include the Declaration of Authenticity with every assignment you submit to the Institute for European Studies. The Declaration should be printed and filled-in at home, beforehand.

The form can be downloaded directly by clicking here.


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