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What is the European Documentation Centre (EDC)?

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In 1992 the Council of the University of Malta approved the Statute creating the Institute for European Studies, previously known as the European Documentation and Research Centre (EDRC), at the University of Malta, incorporating within it the European Documentation Centre. The Institute of European Studies’s main objective is to encourage the study of European integration and co-operation and by hosting the EDC it ensures that the University Community and the general public have access to the legislation and documentation produced by the European Union. It forms part of Europe Direct, a free information service on the EU. More information about Europe Direct and EDCs is available here.

The EDC was originally set up at the University of Malta in the early 1970s, soon after Malta had concluded an Association Agreement with the European Economic Community (1970) and it is the only EDC in Malta.

As of 1997 a large amount of information on the activities of the EU is available online. The contacts and links to the institutions, news and other information relating to the European Union are situated on the left.

What material can I find in the EDC?

The EDC receives all of the main publications of the institutions and agencies of the European Union. However in recent years the distribution of these documents by Brussels has become more selective. Of late, the EDC has been investing in books and now boasts of a sizeable collection of monographs on titles related to European politics, economics, law, international relations, climate change and research methods, amongst others.

Can I access this library?

The library is situated in the Institute for European Studies and is open to all. However members of the public should contact us on (356) 2340 3386  before visiting the library to ensure that the material required is available. Questions and requests can be submitted by email.


How can I check whether a particular title is available at the EDC?

As of 2011, lists of new books and publications received are sent out to the EDC's contact network, detailing the title and a short summary of each new book or publication. To join this mailing list please email us here. The complete compliation of new arrivals lists is acessible in this page.


Also, books and other important publications present in the EDC are catalogued in the UOM's OPAC Catalogue. More information on how to search solely within the EDC catalogue can be found here.


Opening hours:

1 October - 15 June
08:00hrs - 16:30hrs
16 June - 30 September
08:00hrs - 13:00hrs

Contact details: 

2340 3386
2133 7624


Can I borrow materials from the EDC?

No, the collection is for reference purposes only. However, photocopying facilities are available.

Copies can be made using a photocopy card which can be purchased at the Institute for European Studies or the University Library for €6.00.

Is internet available?

Yes, Wireless Network Access is available and laptops may be used in the EDC.

Can I print in the EDC?

As of 2012, the EDC is equipped with two IT services computer terminals and printing can be done via the IT Services Printing Credits.


Jean Monnet Chair Conference Registration (5 May)
An Evolving EU Engaging a Changing Mediterranean Region

Call for submission of papers
Reflections on a Decade of EU Membership: Expectations, Achievements, Disappointments and the Future

Attention all B.A. European Studies Students
Change in the June examinations timetable.


Institute for European Studies

Attention M.A. students
Update in the M.A. June exams timetable

European Studies MEP Talk - EDC (17 Mar.)
Debate with EP candidates Kevin Cutajar, Miriam Dalli, Cyrus Engerer and Stefano Mallia at the European Documentation Centre, 17 March 17:30hrs. RSVP required on

Declaration of Authenticity

Please include the Declaration of Authenticity with every assignment you submit to the Institute for European Studies. The Declaration should be printed and filled-in at home, beforehand.

The form can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

January/February exam timetables
Timetables for the Bachelor's and Master's January/February 2014 exams can be accessed online by clicking here.

MA in European Politics, Economics and Law

 MA in European Politics, Economics and Law

To view the brochure for the MA in European Politics, Economics and Law, click here.

EDC New Book Arrivals

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) has received a number of new books. A list of these can be found here


For all lists of books received by the EDC, please click here or search for your request title via the library catalogue.

Bachelor of European Studies


To view the Bachelor of European Studies Brochure please click here.

European Studies Alumni
The Institute for European Studies is in the process to update the data base of all current and past students and graduates of European Studies (Bachelors and Masters).

Last Updated: 10 March 2014

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