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IWBF 2014 will be held in the Auditorium of the University of Malta, Valletta Campus



University of Malta Valletta Campus
Old University Buildings
St Paul's Street
Tel: +356 21331734


A Brief History

The University of Malta, the highest teaching institution in Malta, nowadays boasts  fourteen faculties and a number of interdisciplinary institutes and centres over 3 campuses; the Main Campus in Msida, the Gozo Campus and the Valletta Campus. The Valletta Campus is the oldest and the most significant historically and architecturally. In fact, it was the very first seat of the University in Malta, and is still popularly referred to as the’ Old University Building’. Nowadays it is home to the University’s Conference and Facilities Unit, as well as the International Collaborative Programmes Unit. The MITP theatre also forms part of the same complex.

The building was first constructed to serve as a Jesuit College in the 1950s. The complex was composed of a church, a college, and a convent, distributed around a central courtyard as was typical of large Renaissance buildings. With the expulsion of the Jesuits from Malta in 1768, all their property, including this complex, was seized by the Order of St John. The course of studies continued and by the next year a College and University were officially established.

During the French period, the University was turned into an ‘École Centrale’, focusing on the natural sciences. The building also housed the main meteorological station, which was eventually enhanced with better equipment by the British.

When Malta became a British colony, the new rulers of the Islands turned the place back into a University and carried out some modifications to the structure, including the opening of a gateway on St. Paul’s Street. This gateway, in the neo-classical style so favoured by the British, can be still admired today, although a more modern entrance is now being used right next to it.

The ground floor has been recently transferred back to the University, having been vacated from main office of Heritage Malta. It has been refurbished in 2013 and now boasts the newest boardrooms of the building. The second floor has also been recently refurbished, in 2011, and offers a number of meeting rooms, lecture rooms and the impressive auditorium. Enhanced with retractable seating and a welcoming foyer, this multi-functional hall is perfect for conferences, official meetings and screening of films.
Without any doubt, the most notorious hall is the Aula Magna, situated on the first floor. However the beauty of this level also lies in the splendid corridors with their vaulted ceiling and hardstone pavement, as well as the paintings and casts decorating the space. The architecture and decorations create the perfect atmosphere for banquets, stand-up receptions and period-themed events.