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Summer School -The Mediterranean Coast - Threats and Opportunities - 14th and 19th July, 2014.

An intensive summer training titled ‘The Mediterranean Coast - Threats and Opportunities’ will be held between the 14th and 19th July 2014. It is aimed at a wide range of audiences including those with some technical or managerial backgrounds. It would be suitable as a refresher course for environmental managers or as an introductory course for final undergraduate or postgraduate students following a large variety of subject areas such as those dealing with environmental law, environmental management, environmental engineering, and economics. This summer school includes lectures, site visits and field experiences that will introduce participants to the Mediterranean environment and how this has acted as a driving force behind the human condition in the region. It will also provide a basic review of the coastal and marine environmental characteristics and life-supporting systems. For registration information  kindly contact

Summer School - Kollar Method - 8th and 12th September,2014. 

The Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health, in collaboration with the International Masters Programmes , is organising a one week summer school on the Kollar Method of Teaching and Learning between the 8th and 12th September 2014.  

Education has to face with new challenges by the XXI Century. Besides the old values it should focus on several fields like creativity improvement, new lecturing and learning methods, application of the social media in teaching and learning and acquiring the basics of relaxation. The program focuses on the areas mentioned above. Participation can be suggested for teachers on all levels of education (elementary school, secondary school, and university), postgraduate students and researchers working on the field of education and everybody who is interested in learning and/or teaching. The course is practice oriented and based on entertaining exercises and games. By the end of the program the participants will acquire several skills like how to improve their creativity and how to help their students to be more creative, how to hold interesting lectures and presentations utilizing the opportunities of the latest computer softwares, how to improve memory capacity and apply entertaining methods for learning, how to apply the achievements of the internet in teaching and learning and how to feel after a 7 minute long relaxation like they were sleeping for 2-3 hours. The lecturer is Dr. Janos Kollar PhD, assistant professor of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, inventor of the program. For registration information  kindly contact






Last Updated: 30 June 2014

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