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Basic Reading & Writing Skills in English for Messengerial Staff

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development, in conjunction with the Employment & Training Corporation (ETC), organised a training course in ‘Basic Reading & Writing Skills in English’ for messengerial staff of the University between February and May 2008.  The aim of this course was to help messengerial staff  enhance their basic essential skills of reading and writing in English.

Topics of the English Language that were dealt with during the course included: Present Simple; Past Simple; Present/Past Continuous; Present Perfect;  Future Tenses;  Regular and Irregular Verbs;  Definite and Indefinite Articles;  Nouns including Countable/Uncountable; Adjectives; Adverbs; Conditionals; Pronouns; Relative Clauses;  Conjunctions; Prepositions; Contractions; and Phrasal Verbs and Modals.

This classroom-based course was of 50 hours duration, held weekly from Monday to Thursday with a one and a half-hour session each day.  Participants were also provided with ‘comprehensions’ and were encouraged to participate in English conversation.  They were also given the opportunity to apply their skills in creative writing.

During the last session, participants sat for a 2-hour assessment and were graded accordingly.    They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the last session.   All participants were provided with a certificate at the end of the training course.

Members of staff who attended the course were: Paul Bartolo; Francis Borg; Josianne Borg; Mario Borg; Frans Farrugia; and Daniel Sciberras.  


From left to right: Francis Borg; Daniel Sciberras; Mario Borg; Josianne Borg; Trainer Tanya Buttigieg; Francis Farrugia; and Paul Bartolo

The participants during a classroom session


Click here to view the presentation of certificates photos.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Karen.

Karen Cacciattolo
19th May 2008 

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