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Staff Work Resources Fund 

For Administrative, Technical and Industrial Members of Staff at the University of Malta


The objective of the Staff Work Resources Fund is to provide financial assistance within the limits of the available finances to members of the Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff to pursue training intended to promote career development, and to provide resources for their work-related personal and professional development. 


Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff members appointed by Council are eligible to apply for work resources.  For further information on the eligibility of members, please refer to the section Eligible Staff in the Guidelines for Application of Funds.



For further information on the services and items that are eligible for funding, refer to the Guidelines for Application of Funds.


The application for funds can be made through the Staff Work Resources Online Form. Please note we are no longer accepting printed forms. 



Applications can be submitted on a periodic basis by the following deadlines for each year:

  • 30th April 
  • 31st August
  • 31st December




Please contact Ms Elvia Pace if you need further information or if you need assistance regarding staff work resources. 


Training Sessions for September
Training Sessions organised in the month of September
Academic Work Resources Submission Guidelines

Academic Work Resources Fund (AWRF) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Submission Guidelines

Training and Development Programme for 2017
Training and Development Programme for the calendar year 2017
Health & Safety Training Calendar for 2017
Health & Safety Training Schedule for 2017
Admin, Tech & Ind Work Resources Deadlines

Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff Work Resources Fund Deadlines for Submission

Staff Scholarships and Bursaries

Application guidelines for Scholarships and Bursaries.

Absence Management Guidelines
The Office for HRM&D has prepared a set of procedures in connection with absence management.
Payroll Dates 2017
The payroll dates for 2017 have now been issued.
Programme Human Resource Requirements
The PHRR Manuals can be found on the following links for lecturing and supervision duties.
Guidelines for Electronic Voting
Guidelines for Electronic Voting.
Fire Assembly Points
Members of staff are requested to note their respective Assembly Points in case of emergency.
Return for Academic Services Rendered
The Return Sheet for Academic Services Rendered can be found here.
Filling of FS4 Form
The FS4 form has been amended to cater for the new tax bands.
Last Updated: 5 July 2017

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