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Applicants should check with the nearest Maltese Embassy or Consulate whether they require a visa to enter Malta.
Applicants may apply for entry visas to Malta from the Maltese, Austrian, Italian or Spanish representation in their country.

The visa that is issued is initially valid for one year. This applies to visas issued by a Maltese Embassy. Visas issued by Austrian, Italian or Spanish representations have a validity of up to 90 days.

Information for non-EU/ EEA citizens (also termed Third Country Nationals) who may require a visa to enter Malta is available at the following link.

Following arrival and registration at the University, ALL international students who stay for more than 3 months (ie: 90 days) should apply for a e residence document, kindly refer to the e residence document page. 

At the time of first arrival, students should be in possession of a return air ticket to their country of origin, or its value in cash/bank draft, together with a bank statement indicating that they have sufficient funds to cover at least one year's tuition fees plus approximately 48 euro per day (17,520 euro/ 1 year), which is calculated to be sufficient for one academic year's accommodation and living expenses.

For further information regarding visa applications and Embassies closest to you, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.



Last Updated: 29 April 2016

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