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Attn. Academic staff: Start of Year - VLE Updates

07 Sep 2016

   - 2016/17 Study-Unit Areas are Now Available
   - Preparing 2016/17 Study-Unit Areas
   - Workshops & Guides
   - What's New in the VLE
   - 2015/16 Study-Unit Areas

Before the commencement of another academic year, IT Services would like to inform academic staff about the latest developments related to the VLE.

2016/17 Study-Unit Areas are Now Available
The study-units areas for academic year 2016/17 are now available in the VLE so that you can start preparing them for the upcoming year.

As of this year, the study-unit areas of different academic years (starting from 2015/16) will be available within the same VLE. Therefore, when you access the UM VLE they should expect to find the following:
  • study-unit areas that you were registered to during 2015/16
  • study-unit areas that you are being registered to during 2016/17
  • eventually study-unit areas that you will be registered to during 2017/18, 2018/19, etc.
  • dissertation areas (available to dissertation students, supervisors and examiners only)
  • sandbox areas (available to academic staff only)

Similar to previous years, you can use the VLE Copy Tool to copy study material from past study-unit areas to 2016/17 study-unit areas. More information available below.

To access the VLE:
    1. Visit any University of Malta web page
    2. Click 'Quicklinks' (top right).
    3. Click ‘VLE’.

IMPORTANT: If the VLE contains study-units for 2016/17 that you will not be teaching, or there are missing study-units, please contact your departmental secretary so that the records can be updated.

Preparing 2016/17 Study-Unit Areas
Use the VLE Copy Tool to copy study material from archived VLE areas to the study-unit areas of 2016/17. More information about the VLE Copy Tool is available.

As you prepare your study-unit areas, we encourage you to refer to the underlying webpage recommending the typical content that should be included in any study-unit area in the VLE.

We would also like to remind you about the start of semester checklist.

Workshop & Guides
IT Services will be running a workshop for academic staff who would like to brush up on VLE beginners’ skills, or who would like to improve the design of their study-unit areas in the VLE. During this workshop, participants will work on their own study-unit areas with the guidance of IT Specialists.

IT Services will also be organising a workshop for academic staff who want to use the University Plagiarism Detection software (Turnitin). Training consists of a single hands-on workshop (3.5hrs) covering setting up, document submission and interpretation of the originality report.

More information about workshops and user guides is available.

We also offer one-on-one consultations for staff who would like to discuss possible enhancements to their study-units using features of the VLE and other learning technologies. 

What's New in the VLE
The VLE has been upgraded to Moodle 3.1. While the resources and activities are similar to past versions of the VLE, the upgrade brings about new and improved features, including: 
  • a search facility that helps users to easily locate study material within their VLE areas
  • a recycle bin that allows tutors to retrieve study material that was mistakenly deleted
  • a new course format that reduces clutter in VLE areas
  • the ability to pin important forum posts to the top of a thread list
  • more efficient assignment grading facilities
  • four new question types for quizzes.

More information about new features and enhancements in the VLE is available.

2015/16 Study-Unit Areas
In December, study-unit areas for 2015/16 will be set as archived and will remain accessible to both tutors and students for revision purposes etc. More information about the archiving policy is available.

Feel free to contact IT Services about any VLE or IT-related queries you may have.

NVivo 11

02 Sep 2016

NVivo 11 is available from IT Services.

More information about ordering, renewing and upgrading NVivo for staff and students is available.

IT Services Opening Hours

30 Aug 2016

Starting from Monday 26 September, the IT Services Building will be open as follows: 

Reception Desk0800-1700hrs
IT Helpdesk0800-1830hrs
Open Access Areas0800-2000hrs


The location and opening hours of IT Services are available.

UM VLE Maintenance (UPDATED)

10 Aug 2016

IT Services will be performing maintenance on the UM VLE on Wednesday 17 August 2016, between 0800 and 1300hrs. During this time, the UM VLE may be unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will endeavour to complete works as soon as possible.

Orientation Tours (Sep 2016)

05 Aug 2016


At the start of each semester, University of Malta students are invited to attend a 1 hour guided tour of the IT Services building. The tour also includes an overview of different IT facilities and services offered by IT Services. There are no fees involved.

Students are invited to register online to join for an orientation tour. New students must activate their UM IT Account in order to access the online registration system.

If a student is unable to attend the tour that s/he has registered for, IT Services kindly asks that the student cancels his/her booking online. Cancellation enables the student to register for another orientation tour.

Note that:

  • Online registrations and cancellations can be made up to 30 minutes before the commencement of an orientation tour.
  • IT Services also offers the possibility of organising orientation tours for study-unit groups upon request.

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