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Staff and students who are carrying out research involving human participants need ethical approval prior to carrying it out. Ethical approval should follow the guidelines of the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC).


UREC applications should be filled in and submitted to the Institute of Institute of Linguistics Ethics Committee for review at its next meeting. The Institute Committee may require amendments. Once an application is received, candidates will be requested to make any amendments necessary. Following these amendments, the Institute Committee will forward the approved application to UREC for review at its next scheduled meeting.

Current composition of the Institute of Linguistics Ethics committee:

  • Prof. Marie Alexander (Chair) 
  • Dr. Albert Gatt
  • Dr. Natalie Schembri 


Deadlines for submission to the Institute Ethics Committee during academic year 2016-17 are listed below. Dates are intended to allow time for the Committee to review applications thoroughly in time for submission to UREC. The Committee will not honour requests for fast-tracking.
  • 7th October, 2016 (in time for the UREC meeting on November 4th)
  • 9th December, 2016 (in time for the UREC meeting on January 13th)
  • 3rd February, 2017 (in time for the UREC meeting on March 3rd)
  • 7th April, 2017 (in time for the UREC meeting on May 5th)
  • 9th June, 2017 (in time for the UREC meeting on July 7th)


Applications should be emailed or sent to the chair of the Committee, Professor Marie Alexander.

Guidelines from the Faculty of Health Sciences

This document provides some helpful advice on how to prepare for obtaining ethical approval.  The document is being used by the Faculty of Health Sciences students since it was written for them by the Faculty of Health Sciences Research Ethics Committee (FREC) but most of what it contains is also applicable to students of Linguistics and Human Language Technology who will be using human subjects for their dissertation.  Naturally, you should send your documents following the information in this section.  Moreover, the official UREC guidelines an  the UREC form can be downloaded directly from the UREC site as indicated above.





Change in Name
As of April 2017, the Institute has officially changed its name to Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology.

Class timetables are now available from this page.

For study-units LIN1063, LIN1065, LIN2013 and LIN5063, please click on this page to check the Academic English timetable.

Ethical approval
Deadlines for submission of ethical approval forms to the Institute Research Ethics Committee are now available on the Research page.
Post of Part Time Research Support Officer I, II or III
Post of Part Time Research Support Officer I, II or III  for the Maltese Sign Language Research Project.
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