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A2: Marking and Awarding of Grades
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A2: Marking and Awarding of Grades


1. The chairperson of the markers’ panel is not expected to mark scripts, but his/her duties are as outlined below.

2. The chairperson is required to:

  • assign questions to be marked to the different markers/ teams of markers;
  • call a meeting of all markers to ensure standardisation in marking;
  • divide mark ranges into bands with descriptive criteria for levels of response;
  • ensure that markers use mark ranges which are not too wide for each question, and consequently for each paper;
  • devise ways of encouraging markers to reward achievement rather than penalise error;
  • ask markers to provide annotations and explanatory comments on the scripts;
  • ensure that markers follow the marking scheme and any other notes prepared for their guidance on the likely content of answers;

3. The chairperson should moderate a sample of scripts from each marker to:

  • ensure that marking is carried out closely to the specific terms of the questions;
  • review the marks awarded in terms of severity or generosity and in terms of consistency and divergence, especially in cases where a question is marked by more than one marker.
  • ensure standardisation of marking and stabilisation of grades from one session to the other;

4. When all the scripts are marked, the chairperson should:

  • check that each question is marked and allotted the appropriate mark (When a question has been omitted by a candidate, or the candidate’s answer does not earn any marks a zero should be entered on the script and mark sheet);
  • ensure that a clerical check on the addition of marks is conducted before a grade is awarded.

5. In the case of subjects which have a school-based assessment component:

  • the Support Unit prepares lists of candidates by class attended for each subject. These are sent to the schools at least ten days before the scheduled date of the collection of marks (Appendix A2.1).
  • School staff enter the marks against each candidate’s name and the list is stamped and initialled by the school administration;
  • Support Unit staff organise a meeting for chairpersons to discuss details of moderation of coursework (Appendix A2.2);
  • chairpersons select schools for moderation and allocate schools to each member of the markers’ panel;
  • chairpersons collect coursework by private candidates from the MATSEC Office and assigns it to members of the markers’ panel for assessment;
  • after moderation, Support unit staff enter the coursework marks in the computer against the office number of each candidate;
  • Support Unit staff print lists for chairpersons showing coursework marks, and other columns for entering the marks obtained in the written papers, and the final grade.

6. In the case of subjects with oral components:

  • the Support Unit prepares lists for examiners showing the candidates’ names and office numbers and columns for entering the marks of the listening comprehension. Similar lists with the candidates’ names and index numbers are prepared for entering the one-to-one oral assessment marks.
  • Support Unit staff enter the marks in the computer and countercheck them against the original lists.
  • Support Unit staff print lists for chairpersons showing oral/ aural marks, and other columns for entering the marks obtained in the written papers, and the final grade.

7. The chairperson of the markers’ panel is responsible for collecting and adding all the marks awarded for each part of the examination. He/She is then required to follow this procedure:

  • call a meeting of the panel, at which the Research and Development Officer of the MATSEC Support Unit should be present, to determine the final grades to be awarded;
  • prepare grade descriptions at key grade boundaries or use the grade boundaries published in the syllabus as the basis for decisions about grading in terms of the observed quality of work;
  • decide on the mark ranges that correspond to each grade (Appendix A2.3: Procedure for the award of grades SEC and Matriculation);
  • ensure that, after the grades have been allocated, the scripts of candidates who have failed marginally (e.g. by 2 or 3 marks below the pass mark) are reviewed and a decision is taken as to whether such a script is a definite failure;
  • review the performances of candidates affected by adverse conditions;
  • ensure that a clerical check is carried out on the grades awarded before the final list of results is submitted to the Co-ordinator.

8. The chairperson of the markers’ panel is responsible for submitting the results to the MATSEC Co-ordinator within the stipulated time. These results are to include:

  • grades against the candidates’ office number as a hard copy signed by the chairperson and, preferably, also on diskette;
  • marks for each question and for each paper as awarded by the markers;
  • the grade boundaries.

9. The chairperson is also responsible for submitting a list of markers to confirm their participation in marking.

10. The chairperson must ensure that the final results are handed in not later than a month after receiving the scripts for marking.

11. The chairperson is required to write a report on the May session of the examination (Appendix A2.4: Guidelines for the preparation of examiners’ reports).

12. Cases of cheating or misbehaviour are investigated by a Disciplinary Board appointed by Senate. The Board considers the irregularity report submitted by the head of centre and any confiscated material used by the candidate during the examination. The Board also calls the candidate to attend a meeting to explain his/her behaviour. For this meeting the candidate may be accompanied by another person.

13. After deliberating on the evidence, the Disciplinary Board will decide what action to take when cheating is proven as provided by the Regulations Governing Conduct at Examinations, 1997 of the University (Appendix A2.5).

Last Updated: 30 January 2009

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