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A3: Revision of Papers
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Candidates who are not satisfied with the grade in a particular subject at SEC or Matriculation certificate level may request a revision of their examination papers using the prescribed form (Appendix A3.1).

Each request is checked for clerical errors, that is, possible errors in the conversion of office number into index number, the grade in the computer against the grade awarded by the examiners to the particular candidate. If there are errors of this type, the relevant correction is made with the approval of the chairperson of the markers’ panel and the candidate is informed of the change in grade. If there is no clerical error the scripts are passed on to the additional marker for review.

An additional marker (who has not been on the markers’ panel) is appointed by Rector.

If the additional marker agrees that the mark is justified, he/she will confirm the grade to the chairperson of the markers’ panel.

If the additional marker feels that the grade should be changed, the chairperson of the markers’ panel, the additional marker and the marker/s who has/have marked the relevant script, will meet, discuss the script and try to reach consensus on the mark to be given. If consensus is not reached, a vote will be taken by the persons mentioned.

In every case where a revision of paper is requested, and the grade is not changed, the additional marker will draw up a brief report which is copied to the candidate in question. Where the grade is changed, the report will reflect the conclusions reached after the discussion mentioned in paragraph 4 above.

In cases where candidate claims that he/she may have been assigned marks that pertain to some other candidate the Chairperson of the MATSEC Board may make arrangements for the candidate to see the relevant script/s for the sole purpose of identification.

The above procedure is fully described in Guidelines to be followed by the MATSEC Examination Panels (Appendix A1.2).

Last Updated: 30 January 2009

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