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E: Supplementary Session
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E: Supplementary Session

  1. The MATSEC Support Unit issues notices with the dates of registration and the timetable of the supplementary examinations (Appendix E1). These are posted to candidates in July with the result slips and transcripts of the May session.

  2. Registrations and payments are made at the MATSEC Office on the scheduled dates. Late applications are only accepted on a date set by the Support Unit against payment of an extra fee.

  3. Only the SEC examinations in English Language, Maltese, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered in the September session

  4. In SEC examinations only candidates who obtained grades 6, 7 and U in the May session or who were absent for the May session are allowed to apply. For science subjects, candidates are allowed to apply for the supplementary only if they had not obtained a grade 5 in at least one of the subjects (that is, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

  5. Supplementary examinations are offered in all subjects of the Matriculation Certificate at Advanced and Intermediate levels. Candidates may only apply to re-sit one Advanced level subject, one Intermediate, and Systems of Knowledge.

  6. Paper setters panels prepare papers for the supplementary session following the procedure set out in Section A1- Preparing Examination Papers above, unless the papers had already been submitted in April along with the papers of the May session.

  7. Support Unit staff oversee the printing of the examination papers and seal them in packets as explained in Section B1- Printing and Delivery of Examination Papers. The sealed packets are delivered to the examination centres in the same way as for the May session.

  8. The examination sessions are held in the first week of September as outlined in Section B2 – Conduct of the Sitting of the Examination.

  9. Marking, moderation and the award of grades follow the same procedure outlined in Section A2 – Marking and Awarding of Grades

  10. The entering of results and the delivery of results to candidates follow the procedure set out in Section B3 – Printing and Delivery of Result Slips and Transcripts.

  11. Revision of papers is also offered in the supplementary session and the same procedure outlined in Section A3 – Revision of Papers is followed.

  12. If the grade is improved in the supplementary session, the official Matriculation Certificate will only record the amended grade. For SEC examinations separate certificates are issued for the May and the September sessions.
Last Updated: 30 January 2009

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