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If you are aiding the MATSEC Support Unit in the setup and running of assessments, below find a number of documents that might help you.  

Expression of Interest for examiners to conduct SEC Oral/Aural examinations is communicated in the Official Communication Page.

Syllabus Panels: Guidelines

Syllabus Panel:

Paper Setting: Procedures and Good Practices

Paper Setting:
Procedures and 
Good Practices

Marking: Issues and Procedures

Marking: Issues 
and Procedures

Grade Awarding: Guidelines

Guidelines [PDF]

If you wish to apply in any role of a MATSEC Support Unit Examination Panel please contact us for further information. 

As always, do contact us if you require assistance. 


Coursework Interviews dates and times for September 2017 session.

Starting points for Intermediate Matriculation 04 - Art [PDF] Thematic Project 

Applications for 2017 Supplementary and Second sessions and for Revision of Papers are closed (more information)

2017 Main / First Session Statistics

MATSEC thanks the 1,549 candidates who provided feedback through MATSEC's post-examination survey.  Responses are being analysed.

Starting points for Advanced Matriculation 04 - Art [PDF] Thematic Project

IM PE Notice 2018-19 [PDF]

SEC PE Activities 2017-20 [PDF]

Last Updated: 2 August 2017

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