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The MATSEC Examination Board's code of practice is regulated by the Maltese Education Act (Chapter 327) and the relevant legal notices that amend this chapter.  MATSEC's code of practice and regulations and practices for special request arrangements can be accessed through this page.

The MATSEC Examinations Board is made up of the following members representing various stakeholders of the Maltese educational system:

Prof. Frank VenturaChairperson
Mr Martin BorgITS
Mr Gaetano BugejaDQSE
Mr Stephen CachiaMCAST
Prof. Sandro CaruanaUoM Senate
Ms Veronica GrechUoM Registrar
Mr Vincent MaioneMCAST
Mr Ian MifsduDQSE
Mr Dario PirottaMATSEC Support Unit
Mr Alfred Sant FournierIndependent Schools Associaton
Dr Odette VassalloUoM Senate
Prof. Alfred VellaUoM Senate
Mr Norbert ZahraChurch Schools Association

Ms Analise BorgMATSEC Support Unit
Mr Raymond J CamilleriExaminations Department
Mr Edward Mazzacano D'AmatoADSU
Mr Malcolm MicallefMATSEC Support Unit
Mr Sean PollaccoMATSEC Support Unit
Ms Carole SammutMATSEC Support Unit
Mr Christopher VellaMalta Union of Teachers
Mr Paul XuerebUoM Junior College
Mr Gilbert John ZahraMATSEC Support Unit


SEC 2017 Italian Listening Comprehension report

 AM Art Thematical Project for May 2017

IM Art Thematical Project for May 2017

MATSEC Examinations Candidate's Handbook is available for download 

A report about the second year of SEC vocational subjects is available in the Research Reports section.

Very late applications for the 2017 May session will be accepted by hand the MATSEC Support Unit, University of Malta.  Very late application fees will apply.  Very late applications will close unannounced.

Late Applications for the 2017 May session will be accepted by the Exams Department on the 10th and 11th January 2017.

Applications for the 2017 May session are being accepted by the Exams Department.  The closing date is the 11th November 2016.

Timetables for the May and September 2017 Session are available on the MATSEC website

IM PE Notice 2018-19 [PDF]

SEC PE Activities 2017-20 [PDF]

AM and IM September 2016 results statistics [PDF]

SEC September 2016 results statistics [PDF]

More Notices

Last Updated: 3 June 2016

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