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1 April 2015
News on Campus

News on Campus provides an efficient news service that is updated on an on-going basis.

Staff and students are reminded to look closely at the section referring to important notices from Administration that may be accessed from this page. Some of the notices are available only through the University intranet. Faculty Officers/Institute Secretaries are kindly asked to circulate information that is of specific interest to staff and students.

An email newsletter featuring new items in News on Campus is sent to all staff and students every Friday. All those wishing to send an item to be included in this email newsletter are kindly requested to do so by Thursday 1200hrs.

We hope you enjoy News on Campus. If you have any comments and/or you would like to include a notice or details about an activity in News on Campus please contact the Communications & Alumni Relations Office

News on Campus

  *Public Lecture: Bollenti Spiriti and My Place (22 Apr.)
  *Innovation Challenge: Go Green - Workshop for Participants (8 Apr.)
  *International Conference: Climate Change Targets and Urban Transport Policy (13-14 Apr.)
  *University Ring Road Fun Run/Walk & Relay (12 Apr.)
  *Work in Progress in the Social Studies (WIPSS): 2014/5
  *Lenten Reflections and Other Events at the Chaplaincy
  *Ir-Riċerka Tiegħi fl-MA (15 Apr.)
  *Sociology of Art and Aesthetics (15 Apr.)
  *Brown Bag Seminars 2015 (next seminar: 15 Apr.)
  *Embeddedness in the field - the overlay between political and professional lives (15 Apr.)
  *'Having said goodnight' (15 Apr.)
  *Open Weekend at Argotti Botanic Gardens (17-19 Apr.)
  *Public Lecture: Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ (20 Apr.)
  *One-Day Seminar: Wobbles, Warbles and Fish - The Neurology of Dyslexia (22 Apr.)
  *IPES Conference 2015 (24 Apr.)
  *Learning How to Talk (24 Apr.)
  *Working Therapeutically with Attachment Injuries (24 Apr.)
  *The Baroque as a Philosophical Category in the History of Philosophy (28 Apr.)
  *Engineering Seminar 2015 (29 Apr.)
  *Workshop in Information and Communication Technology (14-15 May)
  *Annual Conference: European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (15-18 Jun.)
  *International Conference: Psychology and the Arts (24-28 Jun.)
  *Science Fiction Symposium 2015 (17-18 Jul.)
  *Georisks in the Mediterranean and their Mitigation (20-21 Jul.)
  *International Symposium: Mediterranean Fractures – Contested Pasts, Unrealised Futures (5-6 Nov.)
  *IX Malta Medical School Conference (3-5 Dec.)



1 April 2015
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