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5 March 2015
News on Campus

News on Campus provides an efficient news service that is updated on an on-going basis.

Staff and students are reminded to look closely at the section referring to important notices from Administration that may be accessed from this page. Some of the notices are available only through the University intranet. Faculty Officers/Institute Secretaries are kindly asked to circulate information that is of specific interest to staff and students.

An email newsletter featuring new items in News on Campus is sent to all staff and students every Friday. All those wishing to send an item to be included in this email newsletter are kindly requested to do so by Thursday 1200hrs.

We hope you enjoy News on Campus. If you have any comments and/or you would like to include a notice or details about an activity in News on Campus please contact the Communications & Alumni Relations Office

News on Campus

  *Important Notice to Staff: AIMS Upgrade
  *Election Result: One Faculty Representative on Senate - Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences
  *Mass in Repose of Dr Michael Aquilina (27 Mar.)
  *Suspension of Lectures on 16 March 2015
  *Nominees for Election: Two Members of the Administrative/Technical/Industrial Staff on Council
  *WRFC: Important Notice to Support Staff 2015
  *Election Result: Dean, Faculty of Theology
  *WRFC: Next Meeting 14 April 2015
  *Nominees for Election: One Member of the Academic Staff on Council
  *Election Result: One Faculty Representative on Senate - Faculty of Health Sciences
  *Election Result: Dean, Faculty of Arts
  *Election Result: Dean, Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences
  *Election Result: Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery
  *Renewal of Health Insurance Policy for 2015
  *Bicycle Facility Map Update
  *Visiting Staff and Non-visiting External Examiners (Oct. '15 - Sep. '16)
  *Reaxys Subscription
  *Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships 2015 (Deadline: 17 Mar.)
  *'University Matters' on CampusFM
  *The Department of Public Policy on Campus FM
  *IT Services Training Courses (Jan-Mar 2015)
  *Study Tour to Eastern Sicily (21-26 Apr.)
  *Payroll Dates 2015
  *Voluntary Work 2015
  *Library Training Workshops
  *Scholarships and Bursaries
  *Lost and Found
  *Notice: Vehicle/Motorcycle Users on Campus
  *Notice from the University Health & Safety Committee
  *Fire Assembly Points
  *Health and Safety Notice
  *University Research Ethics Committee Meetings
  *Procedure for the Appointment of Directors of Institutes and Centres
  *Keeping Websites Correct and Up-to-date
  *University Parking Permits
  *Photo and Film Shoots on Campus
  *Contact with the Media
  *Recyclable Waste - Paper/Board
  *Blue Badge Reserved Parking Bays
  *Job Opportunities at UoM

  *The Bush Doctrine and its Continued Impact (5 Mar.)
  *29th Conference of the European Cetacean Society (23-25 Mar.)
  *Talk: Conceptions of Communication - Their Epistemological Foundations (4 Mar.)
  *Seminar Commemorating International Women’s Day 2015 (4 Mar.)
  *Annual Pharmacy Symposium (2-6 Mar.)
  *Career Week Speaker Events from TAKEOFF (3-5 Mar.)
  *Innovation Challenge: Rescheduling of Training Sessions
  *Public Lecture: The Martyrdom of St Ursula, Caravaggio’s Neapolitan Epilogue (4 Mar.)
  *Evening Seminar on Research Ethics (4 Mar.)
  *Senior Research Seminar: Starving is not Pain; It's a Cure! (6 Mar.)
  *Exceptional Entrepreneurs: Speaker Series (6 Mar)
  *SEX 360° (7 Mar.)
  *Lenten Reflections and Other Events at the Chaplaincy
  *Sex and Disgust: two bad bed fellows (11 Mar.)
  *Work in Progress in the Social Studies (WIPSS): 2014/5
  *Public Lecture in Memory of Ms Nadia Farrugia (11 Mar.)
  *Touch-Flight Research Project (11 Mar.)
  *The Role of the European Union in the Western Balkans (12 Mar.)
  *The Aphorism and the Significance of this Literary Genre around 1800 (12 Mar.)
  *Department of Geography Series of Lectures (12, 13 Mar.)
  *Public Lectures about Maltese Culture and Identity (12 Mar.)
  *Workshop on Social Innovation for NGOs (13 Mar.)
  *Sustainable Energy 2015: ISE Annual Conference (17 Mar.)
  *Public Lecture: The Serpent, the Moon, the Underworld (20 Mar.)
  *Department of Anthropological Sciences Senior Research Seminar Series
  *Senior Research Seminar: Living the Li(f)e (20 Mar.)
  *Performance and Interdisciplinarity (20-21 Mar.)
  *International Conference on Bilingualism (23-25 Mar.)
  *Meetings: Links between Religion and Violence (24-26 Mar.)
  *La lingua italiana sulla frontiera (25 Mar.)
  *Meditation Session (25 Mar.)
  *International Conference: Climate Change Targets and Urban Transport Policy (13-14 Apr.)
  *Brown Bag Seminars 2015
  *Workshop in Information and Communication Technology (14-15 May)
  *Annual Conference: European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (15-18 Jun.)
  *International Conference: Psychology and the Arts (24-28 Jun.)
  *Science Fiction Symposium 2015 (17-18 Jul.)
  *International Symposium: Mediterranean Fractures – Contested Pasts, Unrealised Futures (5-6 Nov.)
  *Georisks in the Mediterranean and their Mitigation (20-21 Jul.)
  *IX Malta Medical School Conference (3-5 Dec.)
  *The Mirabal Project: Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes (24 Mar.)
  *Reaching Out to Girls Today, Empowering Women Tomorrow (6 Mar.)

International Opportunities  
  *Call for Expressions of Interest: Researchers - Function Group IV
  * COST Information Session (6 Mar.)
  *Call for Papers: 'Xjenza' Special Issue (Deadline: 15 Mar.)
  *Conference: Innovation in a European Digital Single Market – The Role of Patents (17 Mar.)
  *Scholarships: University of Calabria - Laurea Magistrale (Deadline: 23 Mar.)
  *Call for Project Proposals under EaSI (Deadline: 31 Mar.)
  *Supercomputing Summer Student Programme (Deadline: 31 Mar.)
  *Guest Student Programme on Scientific Computing (Deadline: 31 Mar.)
  *Scholarships in Russian 2015 (Deadline: 31 Mar.)
  *Liletrad Conference - University of Seville (deadline: 31 Mar.)
  *Call for Shanghai University Summer School 2015 (Deadline: 1 Apr.)
  *Call for Papers: MIC 2015 (Deadline: 13 Apr.)
  *Scholarships for M.Sc. in Applied Oceanography (Malta)
  *ESHG-ESGM Courses in Bertinoro, Italy
  *Valletta 2018 University of Malta Secretariat - ENCATC Digest News
  *International Health Sciences Conference (6-8 May)
  *ERANETMED Partner Searches
  *Call for Papers: Malta Journal of Health Sciences (MJHS)
  *Scholarships: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees and Doctorates
  *Cell Model Systems Summer School (8-12 Jun.)
  *International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research (11-13 Jun.)
  *Call for Papers: Psychology and the Arts International Conference (25-29 Jun.)
  *WISE-SOE International Master’s Programmes, Xiamen University, China (Deadline: 1 Jul.)
  *Balkan Express Summer School 2015 (28 Jun. - 18 Jul.)
  *Summer Course on Ethics in Dementia Care (1-3 Jul.)
  *The Second International Summer School (19-31 Jul.)
  *Valletta 2018 Calendar of Events
  *MCST Newsletter
  *Maritime Law Scholarships 2015/2016 (deadline: 18 Mar.)



5 March 2015
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