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25 May 2015
News on Campus

News on Campus provides an efficient news service that is updated on an on-going basis.

Staff and students are reminded to look closely at the section referring to important notices from Administration that may be accessed from this page. Some of the notices are available only through the University intranet. Faculty Officers/Institute Secretaries are kindly asked to circulate information that is of specific interest to staff and students.

An email newsletter featuring new items in News on Campus is sent to all staff and students every Friday. All those wishing to send an item to be included in this email newsletter are kindly requested to do so by Thursday 1200hrs.

We hope you enjoy News on Campus. If you have any comments and/or you would like to include a notice or details about an activity in News on Campus please contact the Communications & Alumni Relations Office

News on Campus

  *WRFC: Next Meeting - 28 July 2015
  *Important Notice: Traffic Lights at Tunnel Entry Points, Msida Campus
  *Suspension of Lectures on 12 June 2015
  *Election Result: One Faculty Representative on Senate - Faculty of Education
  *Now in stock: Official University of Malta Ties
  *Graduation Ceremonies 2015
  *Directors - Internal Calls for Applications
  *Italo-Maltese Exchanges 2015 (Deadline: 10 Jun. at noon)
  *Travelling Smart: Bicycle Facilities at the University of Malta
  *University Football Skills-4-Kids Summer 2015
  *Shower Facilities on Campus
  *Call for Applications: Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching/Training (Deadline: 22 May)
  *The Library: Open Access Conference
  *Library Extended Opening Hours
  *Requests for Maintenance by Estates & Works
  *Disposal of Empty Printer and Photocopier Toners/Cartridges
  *Keeping Websites Correct and Up-to-date
  *Important Notice: Use of Ramp leading to Underground Car Park, ICT Building
  *Renewal of Health Insurance Policy for 2015
  *The Department of Public Policy on Campus FM
  *Payroll Dates 2015
  *Voluntary Work 2015
  *Library Training Workshops
  *Lost and Found
  *Notice: Vehicle/Motorcycle Users on Campus
  *Notice from the University Health & Safety Committee
  *Fire Assembly Points
  *Health and Safety Notice
  *University Research Ethics Committee Meetings
  *Procedure for the Appointment of Directors of Institutes and Centres
  *University Parking Permits
  *Photo and Film Shoots on Campus
  *Contact with the Media
  *Recyclable Waste - Paper/Board
  *Blue Badge Reserved Parking Bays
  *Job Opportunities at UoM

International Opportunities  
  *Research Funding Opportunities - Sustainable Fisheries
  *Partnership with Latvia State Chancellery
  *Research Funding Opportunities - Wearable Technologies
  *35th International Congress of the EAPCCT in Malta (27-29 May)
  *Launch Event of the ESPON 2020 Programme (3-4 Jun.)
  *9th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications (3-5 Jun.)
  *Call for Papers: Malta Historical Society History Week 2015 (Deadline: 8 Jun.)
  *Cell Model Systems Summer School (8-12 Jun.)
  *International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research (11-13 Jun.)
  *Scholarships in Japan 2016/2018 (Deadline: 12 Jun. at noon)
  *25 years of HOB: Logo Competition (12 Jun.)
  *Scholarships for Palestinian Students: Postgraduate Studies at the University of Malta (Deadline: 15 Jun.)
  *REACH HIGH Scholars Programme – Postdoctoral Grants
  *Globalisation, Identities and Island Cultures (22-25 Jun.)
  *Balkan Express Summer School 2015 (28 Jun. - 18 Jul.)
  *Design the Malta Neuroscience Network logo (Deadline: 30 Jun.)
  *Scholarship for Tunisian Student for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Malta (Deadline: 30 Jun.)
  *WISE-SOE International Master’s Programmes, Xiamen University, China (Deadline: 1 Jul.)
  *Summer Course on Ethics in Dementia Care (1-3 Jul.)
  *Musical Summer International Festival (12-24 Jul.)
  *Tel Aviv University: Science in Archaeology Tuition Assistance Scholarships (Deadline: 15 Jul.)
  *International Summer School in Peace and Conflict Studies (19-31 Jul.)
  *The International Summer School of Croatian Language and Culture in Zadar (20 Jul. - 2 Aug.)
  *Call for Abstracts: IX Malta Medical School Conference (Deadline 14 Aug.)
  *[ASEM-DUO] DUO-Thailand 2016 Call for Application (Deadline: 28 Aug.)
  *Matsumae International Foundation Research Fellowship Programme 2016 (Deadline: 31 Aug)
  *Symposia Melitensia No. 11 – Call for papers (deadline: 31 Aug)
  *Valletta 2018 Calendar of Events
  *MCST Newsletter



25 May 2015
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