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Xjenza Online, Volume 2, Issue 1 is Out Now!

Xjenza Vol 2 No 1The Malta Chamber of Scientists is happy to present the third number of its official Journal Xjenza Online that has been published online.

Xjenza Online is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in all fields of science. This issue of Xjenza Online continues to be the premier outlet for work carried out in Malta and abroad. Xjenza Online might be essential in the scientific development of early-stage researchers in Malta, representing a learning platform on which to write and publish a scientific paper. This third number of Xjenza Online includes many interesting papers written by national and international researchers.

The full Journal article can be downloaded from here
To access individual articles and the Table of Contents click here.

Once again the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Giuseppe Di Giovanni, would like to pass on his thanks to the authors and associate editors for the high quality of material in this issue of the journal. As always, the Malta Chamber of Scientists thanks it readers for their continued support and interest in its publications. Contributions are welcome. 

Presubmission enquiries, general editorial enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Giuseppe Di Giovanni.


22 April 2014

In-Nisġa tal-Ħsieb Volume 3

The third volume of Prof. Joe Friggieri's history of philosophy (In-Nisġa tal-Ħsieb) has just been published.

In-Nisġa tal-Ħsieb
In-Nisġa tal-Ħsieb


16 April 2014

The Renaissance Society of America 60th Meeting, 2014

Three members of the academic staff of the University of Malta recently participated in the 60th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, held in New York between 27 and 29 March 2014. Prof. Carmel Cassar and Dr George Cassar, of the Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture, together with Dr Theresa Vella, Visiting Lecturer with the International Institute of Baroque Studies, read papers in the course of two sessions dedicated to the theme of Culture and Society in the Spanish Empire, organised by Prof. Gabriel Guarino, University of Ulster, while Prof. Cassar also chaired another session. 

The papers presented by the speakers from the University of Malta were titled ‘Prophecy, Military Defence, and Historical Accuracy: A Report on the Ottoman Invasion of Malta of 1614’, given by Prof. Carmel Cassar, ‘Defending a Mediterranean Island Outpost of the Spanish Empire: The Case of Malta’, given by Dr George Cassar, and ‘Virtuous Exchange: Art and Honor among Artist-Knights and Their Patrons in Early Modern Europe’, given by Dr Theresa Vella.

Click here for details.

RSA Annual Meeting 2014
Dr George Cassar, Prof. Carmel Cassar, and Dr Theresa Vella at the RSA Annual Meeting 2014, New York


16 April 2014

The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta

Dr Michael Briguglio's paper 'The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta' has been published in the international peer-reviewed academic journal 'Annuals of Marine Sociology'.

Click here to access the paper.

Briguglio, Michael (2013): The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta. Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej. Annuals of Marine Sociology (2013), VOL. XXII. p51-61.

This paper analyses the politics of bluefin tuna in Malta within the first years of EU accession (2004-9). The paper concludes that despite making certain impacts, ENGOs (environmental non-governmental organisations) were unsuccessful in creating a hegemonic formation to stop the fishing of bluefin tuna until stocks recover.

Dr Briguglio lectures at the Department of Sociology.


15 April 2014

Paper by UoM Academic Selected as Outstanding Paper 2013

The paper 'Senior management leadership, social support, job design and stressor-to-strain relationships in hospital practice', which was authored by Dr Sandra C. Buttigieg, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Health Services Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Professor Michael A. West, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, University of Lancaster, and published in Emerald Journal of Health Organization and Management, has been selected by the journal’s Editorial Team as the Outstanding Paper of 2013.


08 April 2014

Malta Medical Journal Vol 26, Issue 1

Professor Victor Grech, the Malta Medical Journal Editor, would like to inform you that the latest issue Vol 26, Issue 1, 2014 of the Malta Medical Journal is available online here.


03 April 2014

Second Issue of the Journal of Baroque Studies

The Journal of Baroque StudiesThe International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta has just published the second issue of The Journal of Baroque Studies. This peer-reviewed academic journal is edited by Professor Frans Ciappara. It contains eight original articles and three book reviews.

The Journal features a paper by Milena Sabato from the University of Salento titled Percorsi di storia della censura. Giulio Cesare Vanini e la Congregazione dell’Indice. Ulrich L. Lehner from Marquette University focuses on the futurist commentary of Alphonsus Frey written in 1762 which predicts that the world will end in 2014. Professor Gregory Woimbée, of the Catholic University of Tolouse, discusses the role of the inquisitor and the representation of power in the article L’inquisiteur et la representation du pouvoir.

Two papers focus on the power of spectacle in the Baroque age. In the paper titled Spettacoli Festivi e Manifestazioni Effimere nella Valletta Barocca, 1566 – 1798, Professor Denis De Lucca, the director of the International Institute for Baroque Studies, writes about spectacle and ephemeral manifestations in Baroque Valletta. Dott.Simona Gatto from the Architectural faculty of the University of Catania in Syracuse writes about spectacle in Messina between the 16th and 18th century in the paper Grandiose Feste nella città di Messina tra il XVI e XVIII sec.

Professor Carmel Cassar from the University of Malta writes about Palazzo Adriano in Sicily and the Jesuit Mission of 1638 whilst Dott. Francesco Frasca explores the impressive triumphal art in warships of the Baroque age in the article L’estetica e la rappresentazione del potere: il Barocco trionfante nella decorazione navale, emblema dell’autorità assolutista, esibizione delle armi e della gloria del Sovrano. William C. McDonald from the University of Virginia writes about Baroque poetry with a contribution entitled Lift up your heart’: the poem Sursum Corda by Margaretha Susanne von Kuntsch.

The Journal reflects the varied interdisciplinary research fields of the International Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta. It is on sale for €20 in leading book shops and may also be purchased online.

The fortified port of Messina in the Baroque Age
The fortified port of Messina in the Baroque Age

The British warship HMS PRINCE in 1670
The British warship HMS PRINCE in 1670


21 March 2014

Europe's World

Europe’s World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 100-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions. Since its launch in 2005 it has become the premier ideas platform for new thinking on political, economic and social issues, read by over 100,000 of the most influential decision makers and opinion formers across Europe.

Published every 4 months, Europe’s World’s objective is to stimulate the much needed debate over topical policy issues by encouraging citizens and stakeholders within civil society, media, academia, business and government, to engage in a series of genuine and informed political debates which reach beyond the Brussels village.

To date over 300 authors, including Heads of State, corporate chiefs, top academics, leading NGO activists or policymakers, have contributed articles, firmly cementing Europe’s World’s reputation as a platform for new thinking and ground-breaking ideas.

Europe’s World’s newly extended website,, is designed to further promote debate on the policy challenges facing Europe. It spans articles and reactions to articles published in Europe’s World, but is not limited to the journal since it also features studies and reports from think tanks throughout Europe.

Its aim is to give readers direct access to the latest in policy thinking across the EU, and encourage visitors to submit their own reports and comment on any of the contributions featured on the website. 


06 November 2009

Joint Research Centre European Commission: Update

The Future of Harmonised Environmental Information
The press release is available online.

Information and updates on the research carried out by the Joint Research Centre European Commission is available here. Interested persons wishing to seek additional information about visiting the JRC institutes and/or participating in such projects should get in touch with the JRC National.

Contact Point:

Dr Maria Attard
at the University of Malta
Dr Jennifer Cassingena Harper at the Malta Council for Science & Technology


25 February 2011


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