Talk on Alzheimer's
Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Faculty of Medicine & Surgery

announces a Public Lecture by

Dr Kieran Breen
Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience
University of Dundee

The Biochemical Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease

Tuesday, 30 November 1999

4.00 p.m.

Francis Ebejer Hall (LT2)
Lecture Centre, University of Malta

Entrance from Carpark 2

Dr Breen  is the Director of the Alzheimer Research Centre at the University
of Dundee. This centre, which aims in establishing a coherent
multidisciplinary research programme, consists of 17 research groups
including neuroscientists, biochemists, psychiatrists, geriatricians,
neurologists and social scientists. Dr Breen is also the holder of
various research grants sponsored by the MRC, Alzheimer's Research Trust
and so on apart from being a reviewer of various scientific journals
including The Lancet, British Journal of Pharmacology, Neuroscience
Letters, FEBS Letters and European Journal of Neuroscience.