Evenings on Campus

July - August 1999

All events commence at 8.45pm

Photographic Competition & Exhibition
1st - 31st July
Junior Common Room

This is the third consecutive year that the Evenings on Campus festival has opened with a photographic competition, organised under the patronage of the Malta Photographic Society.  The competition carries cash prizes and awards for University and Junior College students.

The best selection of photographs will then be displayed during an exhibition, which will be mounted throughout July in the Junior Common Room at Students' House.  The theme was left open and there will therefore be a variety of photos and themes on display.

The exhibition is open to the public from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 1.00pm.

Concert Sous La Lune
Tuesday 6th July
Atriju Vassalli (main campus area)

The programme for this classical concert performed by the University Junior College Orchestra under the direction of Mro. Manoel Pirotta,  has been inspired by the tranquil and fresh Mediterranean summer evenings.

The orchestra is made up of 40 Junior College students who will be performing a rich selection of music by Bizet, Purcell, Smetana, Rodgers,  Beethoven and Strauss.  Works by Maltese composers Pace and Pirotta will also enliven this open-air mid-summer evening of classical music.

Film Garden
Every Wednesday starting
7th July till 18th August
Car park next to the Precincts Office

This regular event has become a favourite among film buffs.  This year, the Film Garden programme offers no less than it did in previous years to film enthusiasts.  A total of 7 films will be screened in the open-air and includes titles such as Bob Fosse's "Cabaret", Fellini's "Juliet of the Spirits" and Derek Jarman's "Edward II".

A Heap of Broken Images
Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th July
Steps of CCT

Aleateia theatre group will represent the theatre genre this year with a new and original production based on T.S.Eliot's 1922 poem "The Waste Land", scripted and directed by Simon Bartolo.

With a new line-up of ten actors, this is Aleateia's most ambitious performance to date.  "A Heap of Broken Images" is a play of contrasts and is introduced to the audience by the host as "...mayhem beyond all reason and logic, beyond all confusion..."

Allegro scherzando
Concert for Saxophone
Thursday 15th July

With the help of the Istituto Culturale Italiano, this year's overseas section has been reserved for the Quartetto di Sassofoni Accademia who will be performing a selection of numbers from their recently launched CD.  The programme includes pieces by Rossini, Gerswhin, Romero and Ennio Morricone.

The Quartetto is made up of lecturers from the Conservatori di Musica, who have a varied background of performance with prestigious orchestras and who have come together as an ensemble.  They have been following an intense programme of activity since 1984, performing for various important institutions and touring in Venezuela, Japan, Switzerland and France, amongst others.  They have also produced three CDs and have over 30 compositions by famous composers such as Morricone, Fellegara and Mannino, composed for them.

Singers & Songwriters Festival
Sunday 25th July
In front of the Library

Participation in the Evenings on Campus festival has always been the prerogative of local singers and songwriters.  To maintain the trend, this year's programme includes an evening dedicated entirely to them.  The festival will present performers who are new to the scene as well as other established artists.  Each artist will be performing his/her own compositions live.

Il-Millennju Jistenna lill-Maltin
Tuesday 27th July
Pjazzetta Dun Karm

The theme for this year's literary evening explores the significance of being Maltese at the turn of the century.  The event is being co-ordinated by a group of young authors who strongly believe that local literature, like anything else, needs to move with the times.  The evening will present works on the theme by a number of local authors and stimulate discussion on the subject.  There will also be intervals of music and the traditional hobz biz-zejt and wine will be served.

Once upon a Jazz
Thursday 19th August
In front of the Library

For the 4th consecutive year, Claudette Pace will be performing a selection of Jazz tunes for Evenings on Campus.  These successful evenings have always proved popular with the public.  This year, Claudette will be accompanied by Paul Giordmaina on the piano, Joe Vella on the double bass and Noel Grech on the drums.

The evening will take a historical look at the development of and key moments in the history of Jazz and its evolution.  With Claudette on vocals, accompanied by her band and narration by Ray Calleja, the evening will tell a story, the story of Jazz.

Film Garden
20th & 21st August
University Gozo Centre

The festival has now also been extended to include an event in Gozo.  This year, two of the films being screened during the Film Garden in Malta will be taken to Gozo and screened in the Gozo Centre's courtyard.