Lectures on Malta and the European Union The University Gozo Centre in collaboration with the European Documentation and Research Centre at the University of Malta and with the support of the Ministry of Gozo, will  be organising a series of lectures on the theme "Malta and the European Union".

The topics to be covered are:

*  The Institutions of the EU
*  The external relations of the EU
*  Economic and Monetary  Union
*  The main policies of the EU
*  Malta and EU relations: history
*  Malta's preparedness to join the EU
*  Malta as EU Member: implications for the Maltese business

The lectures, which will be held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, will be spread over seven week-ends commencing 14 May, 1999.

More information can be obtained from the University Gozo Centre, Mgarr Road, Xewkija, tel: 564559; Fax: 564550; E-mail: ugc@um.edu.mt

Communications Office
May, 1999