Briefing Session -
European Union Fifth Framework Programme (1998 - 2002) 

The International Office of the University of Malta and the Malta Council for Science and Technology are organizing a briefing session on the E.U.'s Fifth Framework Programme.

The briefing session will be held at the Conference Room, Student House on Wednesday 24th March at 2.00 p.m. and will last approximately 35 minutes plus question time. Everyone is invited.

The speaker will be Ms Jennifer Cassingena Harper, from the Malta Council for Science and Technology.  The objective of the session is to explain how the Framework Programme operates and the possibilities it offers for Maltese participation.

The quick reference guides to the programme may be accessed on the website on

The first calls for proposals under the 5th  Framework Programme will be issued  on the 16 March, 1999 including the call for proposals for the Mediterranean, which will cover such areas as support for socio-economic development,  management of water resources, presentation and restoration of cultural heritage, promoting health societies.

Other areas covered by the Fifth Framework Programmes under activity one include:

1. Quality of life and management of living resources (food, health, control of infectious diseases, the 'cell factory', environment and health, sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry and integrated development of rural areas, the ageing population and disabilities.

2. User-friendly information society (systems and services for the citizen, new methods of work and electronic commerce, multimedia content and tools,  essential technologies and infrastructure.

3. Competitive and sustainable growth (innovative products, processes and organization, sustainable mobility and intermodality, land transport and marine technologies, aeronautics)

4. Energy, environment and sustainable development (sustainable management and quality of water, global change, climate and biodiversity, sustainable marine ecosystems, the city of tomorrow and cultural heritage, cleaner energy systems, including renewables, economic and  efficient energy)

5 March, 1999