Environmental Education Specialist visits Malta

Prof Walter Leal Filho visits Malta from 9 to 13 June 1999. After meeting up with members of the Faculty of Education, one of the aims of his visit is to further discuss the state of environmental education in Malta.
To this extent he will take part in a national seminar scheduled for 11 June 1999. The evening seminar entitled "Environmental Education in Malta: Quo Vadis?" will review the state of environmental education since the Second Training Workshop on Environmental Education in Malta: "In Today's Education ... Tomorrow's Environment".
The seminar begins at 6pm at Project House, Environmental Division, Floriana and is organised in collaboration with the MCST (Malta Council for Science and Technology).

During his visit Professor Filho will act as an external mentor for current environmental education courses and local research on environmental education. He will also take part in exploring the possibility of extending the environmental education courses for foreign students and will act as mentor for the National Environmental Education Strategy (NEES). Other areas include discussing possible opportunities for joint research projects with European partners.
The visit is made possible through help provided by the International Office, UOM.

Dr Filho's Programme of activities  during his stay in Malta and the national seminar programme are included below.

Programme of visit:

Wednesday 12.30  Arrival
9 June 15.30  Meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Education
16.00  Review of student projects presented in the environmental education module in the BEd (Hons) and PGCE courses
18.30  Meeting with the Minister for the Environment Hon Francis Zammit Dimech

10th June 09.00  Meeting with the Parliamentary Secretary within the Ministry of Education, Hon Jesmond Mugliett
 11.00  Meeting with the Malta Council for Science & Technology
 12.00  Meeting with the Minister of Education Hon Louis Galea
 16.00  Meeting with the members of the NEES Action Group

11 June 09.00  Meeting with the Director of the Environment Protection Department
 11.00  Review of the MEd (environmental education) academic programme
 18.00  National Seminar "Environmental Education in Malta: Quo Vadis?"

12 June 09.00  Seminar with MEd, MPhil and PhD students currently involved in research related to environmental education
 16.00  Review of on going environmental education research

13 June 13.20  Departure


National Seminar 11 June 1999


18.00 Opening session:
Minister of Education Hon Louis Galea
Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for the Environment Mr Paul Mifsud
18.20 Key note address: "Problems and Perspectives in Environmental Education"  Prof Walter Leal Filho
18.45 "Four years of NEES: Progress or Status Quo?" Dr Paul Pace, Chairperson of the NEES Action Group
19.10 "Environmental Awareness in the Maltese Industrial Sector"  Mr Anton Pizzuto & Mr Saviour Rizzo
19.40 Interventions from the floor
20.00 Concluding speech by the Parliamentary Secretary within the Ministry of Education Hon Jesmond Mugliett
20.15 Presentation of the first NEES Discussion Briefing