Supranational, Transnational or Post-National?
The Organizational Culture of the European Commission
- A talk by Dr Cris Shore from Goldsmith's College, University of London.

Date & Venue
Wednesday 14 April 1999
6 - 8pm
Francis Ebejer Hall (LT2), University of Malta, Msida

A brief desciption
But how far is the vision of supranational European integration realised in the composition and character of the European Commission's own institutions? To what extent does the organisational culture of the Commission embody the supranational principles espoused in its own proclamations and documents? Is there evidence of an embryonic 'European culture' developing within the bureaucracy of the EU?  Does it provide us with a model of how fellow Europeans can live and work together?  The recent scandals reveal something quite fundamental about the problems the EU faces in living up to its own, very idealistic, goals.

Dr Paul Clough (Anthropology);
Dr Vicki Ann Cremona (Theatre Studies);
Dr Carmel Vassallo (Hispanic Studies);
Dr David Zammit (Laws).

April 1999