An International Conference on Human Rights
Human Rights and our Responsibilities towards Future Generations:
an inter-religious perspective
MALTA 6-8 May 1999

The programme is organised by the Future Generations Programme of the Foundation for International Studies in collaboration with the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies and UNESCO

Conference Objectives are:
to discuss Unesco's 'Declaration on the Responsibilities of the Present Generations towards Future Generations' in the light of the UN Declaration of Human Rights; to explore the insights of religions, particularly Judaism, Christianity and Islam, into our responsibilities towards future generations; to identify new directions for research and new challenges for implementation of the theme of the conference; to promote networking between scholars interested in an Inter-religious perspective on future generations issues; to  publish a book containing a selection of the papers presented during the conference.

Speakers include:

  • Prof Arij A Roest Crollius SI, Facoltà di Missiologia, Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Italy
  • Dr Bruno-Marie Duffe, Director, Institute of Human Rights, Catholic University of Lyon, France
  • Prof Hilal Elver, University of Princeton, USA
  • Prof Richard Falk, University of Princeton, USA
  • Prof Edward Farrugia, Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, Italy
  • Prof David Heyd, Dept of Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Prof Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Ibn Khaldoun Centre, Egypt
  • Dr Avner de Shalit, Dept of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Prof Shlomo Shoham, Professor of Criminology and Political Science,
  • Tel-Aviv University, College of Western Gallilee, College of the Jordan Valley

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    Academic Committee
    Chairperson: Rev Dr Emmanuel Agius (Malta), Prof Cherif Bassiouni (USA), Prof Edith Brown Weiss (USA), Ms Lucienne Curmi (Malta) Prof Richard Falk (USA), Prof David Heyd (Israel); Prof Saad E Ibrahim (Egypt); Prof Jürgen Moltmann (Germany); Prof Allen Tough (Canada).

    Topics for discussion are:
    Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Religious Diversity of Humanity; Peace and Fundamental Freedoms; Protection of the Environment and Preservation of life on Earth; Development and Education; Biodiversity and the Human Genome.

    Papers on the above and related themes are welcome in English or French. Simultaneous translation will be provided in both languages.