Linguistics Professors from Pavia to lecture at the Faculty of Arts Professor Paolo Ramat and Professor Anna Giacalone Ramat from the Dipartimento di Linguistica, Universita di Pavia, will be visiting the Department of Italian next week.  Both enjoy an excellent reputation at home and abroad.  Professor Paolo Ramat is president of one of the sections of the Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche and is also very active on Council of Europe committees.  He is well known for having introduced the typological approach into Italy, and after the success of the EUROTYP project which studied various morphosyntactic aspects of European languages, he is now organising a similar project which will study the typology of the languages spoken on the shores of the Mediterranean.  In fact he will be presenting the MEDTYP project to members of the Institute of Linguistics since Malta can contribute greatly to this project, due to the central position of the Maltese Language as a meeting point between Romance and Semitic languages. The inaugural workshop was held in Naples in December at the Terza Mostra Mediterranea sulla Innovazione Tecnologia.

This projects involves the universities of Pavia, Pisa, Napoli, Perugia, Roma III Trieste and Viterbo as well as others from Europe and North Africa.  He will also be lecturing to students of languages and linguistics on the phenomenon of convergence in modern languages know as "Standard Average European" (Friday 19th at 11.00, LC 118).

Professor Anna Ramat has just been elected president of the prestigious Societas Linguistica Europaea.  She will deliver two lectures on italian as a second language (Tuesday 16 February, at 11.00,  LC 217, Wednesday at 13.00, LC 116) presenting the Pavia project on the teaching of Italian to immigrants and the practical and theoretical implications encountered.  Students of languages and linguistics as well as teachers are welcome.

The Ramats have longstanding connections with Malta.  Apart from cooperation with the University's Department of Italian, they have even organized a two-week seminar on the Maltese Language at the University of Pavia, which was attended by members of the Institute of Linguistics.  Their visit falls within the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the two Universities and is a returned visit to that made by Professor Joseph Brincat and Dr. Ray Fabri to Pavia last June.

Communications Office
9 February, 1999