Administration of Literacy Baseline Assessment Seminar The Literacy Unit of the University of Malta is organising a one-day seminar on Thursday, the 28 January, 1999 at the University Residence in Lija for about 150 members of staff representing all state, church and independent primary schools in Malta. These members of staff will act as test administrators for the Literacy Baseline Assessment for both Maltese and English in all schools to be held in February. About six thousand seven year-old pupils from fifty schools will be involved in the Literacy Baseline Assessment. During the one-day seminar the test administrators will receive professional training on the administration of the Literacy Baseline Assessment which is to serve as a diagnostic tool for the identification of levels of literacy in both Maltese and English. This will provide the schools with a language profile of their pupils and allow them to engage in early intervention and to plan well their remedial programmes.