Public Lecture - Design For Manufacture Of relevance to the recent EU update report on Maltaís need for industrial restructuring, is a public lecture on Design For Manufacture by Associate Professor Niels Henrik Mortensen from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Copenhagen which is to be held on Thursday 11th March 1999 between 18:00 and 19:00 in the Engineering Lecture Theatre, University of Malta. Entrance from Carpark 2.

Design For Manufacture (DFM) is a powerful tool for improving the fit between the product and the manufacturing systems (production, assembly, service, installation and so on). The main part of the talk will be based on a case from Danish industry where the implementation of DFM led to a number of significant effects in several functional areas including a reduction of machined parts, reduced fabrication and assembly costs and an improvement in assembly automation. This lecture comes in the wake of a recent research visit to DTU by Ing. Jonathan C. Borg from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering.

Interested members of the general public are cordially invited to attend.

2 March, 1999