Mathematical Society June Meeting

The last popular talk of the Mathematical Society before the summer recess is entitled:
"Three Proofs from THE BOOK".
The speaker is Professor Josef Lauri.

The late mathematician Paul Erdös used to say 'God keeps a book in which he writes down the best proof for any mathematical theorem' - A BOOK proof has to contain some brilliant idea, often very simple, some connection with other areas of mathematics, insight into the problem and some surprising twist.

In this talk Professor Lauri offers three very simple and elementary proofs deemed to be good candidates for entry into THE BOOK. He also invites the audience to think up proofs they think are worthy of being classified as proofs from THE BOOK.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 June 1999, at 6 pm. at the Engineering Lecture Theatre, UOM (entrance through Car Park 2).

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June 1999