Mathematical Society November Meeting The first popular talk of the Mathematical Society for the 1999-2000 academic year is entitled "A Short Introduction to General and Set-Theoretical Topology".  The speaker will be Dr. David Buhagiar.

The birth of set-theoretical topology can be traced to the researches of G. Cantor on the theory of point sets situated in n-dimensional Euclidean space.  The development of this theory did not go beyond the subsets of Euclidean spaces for several decades, although the definitions introduced and the demonstration methods had a more general validity.

M. Frechet recognized this fact when in 1906 he introduced the idea of metric space and still more general idea of topological space. However, whilst the idea of metric space was soon recognized as a very useful tool, the attempt of M. Frechet to give a system of axioms defining topological spaces as well as the efforts of F. Riesz, remains only attempts.

It was F. Hausdorff who succeeded in giving a satisfactory form to the definition of this notion, which was developed further by the Moscow topologists who introduced its generally adopted definitive form.  From that time on one can speak of general topology, an axiomatic theory of topological spaces.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 2nd November 1999, at 6.00p.m. at the the Engineering Lecture Centre (ELT) of the University of Malta (entrance through Carpark 2).  Entrance is free for members, and a token donation of 25c to cover expenses (and coffee!) is requested from non-members.  All those interested in mathematics are encouraged to attend.

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