Junior College Team Wins Mini-Assembly 

The team from the Junior College (Arts) is the winner of the 10th Mini European Assembly which ended evening of Saturday 10th April at the House of Representatives. The team made up of Matthew Cassar, Kurt Hyzler, Marco Muscat, Anjelica Camilleri de Marco, Lisa Cutugno and Nicola Farrugia was representing Luxembourg. The team from the Bachelor of Communications representing Malta placed second, and the team from St. Aloysius College (Commerce) representing Ireland came third.

Maria Despott, from the BA Legal and Humanistic Studies course, won the prize for Best Effort, donated by the parliamentary secretary responsible for Youth Affairs. David Darmanin form St Aloysius College (Arts), won the prize for Best Debating Potential. This prize, which was introduced this year, is being given by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr Anton Tabone.

James Scicluna, from BA Legal and Humanistic Studies, and Nicola Farrugia, from the Junior College (Arts), were chosen to represent Malta in the Youth Council of Europe which will be held later this month to mark the 50th anniversary of the Council of Europe.

Furthermore, nine students from different groups got a special mention for the performance and effort they showed throughout the seven sessions.

Saturday 10th April's session was addressed by the Speaker and by Dr Walter Schwimmer, president of the European People's Party of the Council of Europe. The topic for discussion was "Lobbying in the EU - playing with eartime in the enlargement process". The winners were announced at the end of the session by the panel's chairman, Dr. Joanna Drake.