Maltese educationalist features in Routledge publication An article published by Dr Ronald G. Sultana in the journal 'Compare' has been selected to feature in a Routledge collection of 'Major Writings in the Sociology of Education', edited by Professor Stephen Ball of King's College London. The article is entitled 'Conseptualising Teachers' Work in a Uniting Europe' and analyses the way the teaching profession is being defined in Europe, particularly with reference to the dynamics of European intergration.  The study is part of a larger research project that looks at the construction of educational discourse and practices in Euro-Mediterrenean space.

Other studies related to this project have been published internationally as articles in journals and chapters in books. These  include 'A uniting Europe, dividing education?  Supra-nationalism, euro-cebtism and the curriculum' (in the International Studies in Sociology of Education), 'The European Union and its educational agenda?' (in K. Watson, S. Modgil & C. Modgil (eds) Educational Dilemmas: Debates and Diversty, London: Cassell), and 'The Mediterrenean: a new focus for comparative education studies? (in A.M. Kazamias and M.G. Spillane (eds) Education and the Structuring of the European Space Athens: Seirios Publishers).

Dr Sultana co-ordinates the Comparative Education Programme in Euro-Mediterrenean Studies, and is the founding editor of one of the University of Malta's  international journals, the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, now in its eight issue. Volume 4 Number 2 due out in November, focuses on higher education and research in the Mediterranean region.  CEPems also manages The Network of Mediterranean Education Scholars, and is putting together a data base on the education systems of the Euro-Mediterranean region.  It offers its knowledge and services on both a national and regional level, and can be contacted via its internet site:

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25 October 1999