Visit by Edward Allington On the initiative of the British Council, the Distinguished British sculptor Edward Allington will be visiting the Art Unit and meeting students on Monday 9th October at 10.00a.m.  Mr. Allington will give an illustrated talk on the exhibition 'A Changed World' which has been brought to Malta by the British Council.  The talk is compulsory for all the Art Unit students (Years II, III, IV).  Freshmen and other students are also cordially invited.

All Art Unit lectures between 10.00a.m and 12.00 noon are as a result being cancelled.

Mr  Allington has in addition, kindly offered to give a tour of the exhibition on Sunday 8th October at 10.00a.m.  All Art Unit students are cordially invited.

Meeting:  St. James Cavalier Arts Centre.

9 October 2000