Anatomy Awards 2000 The Anatomy Project forms part of the practical assessment of the Intermediate M.D. and B.Ch.D. courses and may take the form of a dissection of a particular region of the human body or it may take the form of a computer presentation. Projects dealing with other aspects of Anatomy, such as Histology and Embryology are also encouraged.  The project may be done individually or in groups of up to four students and is usually undertaken at the end of the first year with work continuing  throughout the second year by which time enough course work has been covered to permit selection from a wider choice of topics. Outstanding projects become part of the department's teaching resources.  As in previous years, local pharmaceutical companies have sponsored monetary prizes for award winners.

This year's awards were presented by Professor Ian Parkin, Visiting External Examiner in Anatomy for the final year students of the Intermediate Course of Medicine & Surgery. He holds the post of Clinical Anatomist at Cambridge University. He is also the Admissions Dean for incoming students and Chairman of Studies at Robinson College at the same University. Among his other appointments, he is the Examiner in Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is President of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences.

First prize was awarded to medical students Agnes Cachia Pickard and Marie Zammit Mangion for their Dissection of the Infratemporal Region; second prize went to dental students Ross Elledge and Simon Muscat for a Dissection showing the innervation of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws while third prize was won by medical students Arlene Bonello and Edward Zammit who teamed up with dental student Lara Cassar to produce a Dissection showing the Branches of the Trigeminal Nerve.  The awards were sponsored by  Messrs Charles de Giorgio Ltd,  Vivian Commercial Corporation Ltd and Beta Pharma Ltd.

23 June, 2000