The University Anthropology Programme is hosting international anthropologists to highlight the importance of anthropology to society.  Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March, Professor Robert Layton (Durham University) will lecture on Continuity and Change in European Village Society.  He will compare his recent studies in rural France with his original work 30 years ago. Robert Layton has also worked closely with Australian Aborigines, studying their art and advising them on their land claims.  He has made distinguished contributions through The Anthropology of Art (Cambridge 1999) and Conflict in the Archaeology of Living Traditions (Routledge 1994).

Monday 27 March to Wednesday 29 March, Professor Murray Last (University College London) will lecture on New Developments in Medical Anthropology.  He helps inaugurate the first year of medical anthropology at the University of Malta.  This builds on the lectures by Dr. Dennis Falzon (Department of Health) last autumn.  Murray Last is one of the founders of the British Medical Anthropology Society.  He is social science advisor to the Medical Research Council research programme on AIDS in Uganda.  In a distinguished career, he has been a founding father of modern African historical studies.  He is Editor of AFRICA, the leading international journal on African anthropology and history.

Monday 10 April to Friday 14 April, Dr. Gary Armstrong (University of Reading) will lecture on The Anthropology of Football.  Dr. Armstrong is continuing his research on the social importance of Maltese and global football.  He is the author of Football Hooligans (Berg 1998) and Football Cultures and Identities (Macmillan 1999).

These lectures are from 3 to 5 pm.

Monday:  Electrical Power Lab (Engineering Building)
Tuesday:  Computer Building 108.
Thursday: CCT Room 202.
Friday:      Lecture Centre 120

Finally, 20 March to 30 March, Dr. Rolf Husmann (Institute for Scientific Film, Gottingen, Germany) will be teaching students Making Ethnographic Film.  With the help of the University's Centre for Communication Technology (CCT), he will begin work on a film about the culture of boat clubs and regattas in Grand Harbour.  Rolf Husmann received a special award for his ethnographic films from the American Anthropology Association in 1998.  He is setting up an Institute for Visual Anthropology in Southwest China.

Wednesday 22 March.
Robert Layton.
Whether Revolution Be the Same ­ Social Theory and Village Society in Europe.
Erin Serracino Inglott Hall.
Wednesday 29 March
Murray Last
Is an Anthropology of the Inner Body Possible?  A Test Case from Nigeria
Francis Ebejer Hall.
Wednesday 12 April
Gary Armstrong
Life, Death and the Biscuit: Football And the Rebuilding of Society in Liberia
Erin Serracino Inglott Hall.