Artistic Management and Marketing Professor Roberto Prandin, Direttore artistico di Settimane Musicali di Lugano, will again be in Malta next semester to give a credit on Artistic Management with a particular focus on the marketing aspect.  Interested students, particularly music, theatre, management and marketing students may apply for this credit (MU204b) along with those they choose for their second semester. This credit may also be taken as an optional credit in any other course. Lectures will be held on Tuesdays between 15:00 and 16:00 in MI 124 starting 1 February. All lectures will be in Italian though questions may be in English.

Professor Prandin will also be conducting two seminars on the subject on Monday, 14 and 21 February at 18:00, venue to be announced later.

Professor Prandin has twenty years experience in this field. The course will provide the know-how required for the successful marketing of any kind of medium-sized artistic organisation be it musical, acting, a ballet company, even museums and exhibition centres. The new generation of artistic managers accept marketing as the basis of sound management, for this may settle many financial problems and also determine the relative life or survival of the artistic enterprise. Anyone interested is cordially invited to attend.

10 January, 2000