European National Top Level Domain Registries to review .EU Proposals Meeting in Malta on 8 February, 2000, CENTR, the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (including the 15 National Registries of the European Union) reviewed the European Commissionís working paper on the creation of .EU, a proposal for a new Top Level Domain (TLD) for the registration of Internet Domain Names.

While broadly welcoming the Commission's e-Europe initiative, CENTR members agreed that the specific proposal relating to the creation of a .EU Domain required significant and detailed analysis.  CENTR members expect to be invited to contribute to a public consultation process.

Where appropriate, CENTR members will use established ties with their national Internet communities to review and analyse the proposal, and to provide input on: The merits of creating .EU from the perspective of the Internet end user and the demand for such Domain Names throughout Europe; The legal implications of creating .EU (Competition law governing registration agreements with .eu TLD registrants and the jurisdiction of courts in member states; dispute avoidance and online dispute resolution, conflicts with national Domain Name registrations and Domain Name warehousing)  The registration policies appropriate to such a new Top Level Domain - a TLD which is neither a country code TLD nor a global generic TLD (e.g. .com, .int); The role of the national Internet communities in the process of determining the creation of such a new TLD.

CENTR will give these efforts high priority and expects to publish its report in March 2000.

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25 February, 2000