A Cultural Policy for Theatre The Theatre Studies Programme at the University of Malta is organising the following conference 'Politika Kulturali ghat-Teatru', (A Cultural Policy for Theatre), at the MITP (Old University Theatre) St. Christopher Street, Valletta, on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June 2000. Currently, an official cultural policy is being drafted, and it is the aim of the conference to raise issues which could be incorporated into the final document. This initiative will hopefully create more interaction between the arts and contribute to promoting  and conserving Maltese cultural heritage.

The implementation of such a policy is mostly needed to secure and guide national cultural awareness within a legal framework. A sustainable policy would be able to facilitate long-term developments in the quality of performer pedagogy and theatre educational maturity.

In 1995, the Ministry of Youth and the Arts held a conference called 'A Cultural Policy for Malta' dealing with the difficulties of the Maltese cultural scene at the time in the light of future planning. To date, nothing has yet materialised.

The absence of policies and the disregard that culture has suffered in the past has lately been raising a topical issue that surely deserves to be suitably addressed. 'Politika Kulturali ghat-Teatru' is an attempt to investigate the political implications of the eventuality of a more substantial national commitment in the form of a working policy. Discussions and workshops will therefore be proceeding on four essential pillars in treating the politics of a growing culture, namely; quality in theatre, resources, theatre education and theatre vis-à-vis the mass media.

Panel speakers will share their expertise to lead the debate towards realisable proposals. The specific topics are going to be the following: Theatre Education and Resources on the first afternoon, Friday 23rd June (5.30 ­ 8.45 p.m.; and Mass Media and Quality on Saturday 24th June (9.00 a.m. ­ 12.30 p.m. The general public is invited to attend.