Mathematical Society February Meeting In the February meeting of the Mathematical Society, Dr Karl Brincat will be speaking about "Aspects of  Cryptology - the mathematical core of  Information Security.".

The provision of security to different forms of information has wide applications. Security does not mean only secrecy of information. There are other security primitives which are important and relevant to different forms of information in different settings and applications. Information may be visual, such as satellite and cable television transmissions. It may be telephonic as in digital phones. It may be of a direct financial flavour as in credit card transactions over the internet or at a point of sale, the withdrawal of money from an ATM or the management of personal accounts using the internet. The information could be in the form of documentation or data which some entity wishes to keep secure from malicious access and tampering. These are some of the many different information security settings. However, though the settings are different and many a time the actual mechanisms used to provide the various features are different, they all have a mathematical core to their structure.

Some of the different algorithms used include RSA, DSA, DEA, IDEA, MD5, SHA-1 among others. We shall discuss some of the basic aspects of cryptology, introducing some of the security primitives used and illustrating some applications through examples.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, 1st February 2000, at 6.00 p.m. at the Engineering Lecture Theatre (ELT) of the University of Malta (entrance through Car Park 2).  Entrance is free for members, and a token donation of 25c to cover expenses (and coffee!) is requested from non-members.  All those interested in mathematics are encouraged to attend.

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