Mathematical Society March Meeting

The March meeting of the Mathematical Society is entitled: "Statistics In Action". Audrienne Cutajar Bezzina will lead the session and the audience will be able to acquire hands-on experience with the software package SPSS, the "Statistical Package for Social Sciences".

Statistics has become an important tool, not only for mathematicians, but also for other areas, such as the social sciences.  Tools that help to work out statistical analysis are available for the various applications.

The first part of the session will be used to introduce statistical hypotheses and the underlying distributions that help us to determine whether a hypothesis should be accepted or rejected.  Practical examples will follow for each of these examples. SPSS will be used to show how one can obtain the same results without working everything manually.

Basic tests that will be considered will be the two independent samples and the two dependent samples  -test.  Besides, construction of contingency tables to answer questions such as "Does gender (or political affiliation) affect the way how I think about the European Union?" will also be tackled.

The meeting will be held at the CSC Computer laboratory, University of Malta, on the 14th March 2000 at 6.00 p.m. (entrance through Car Park 2).  Entrance is free for members, and a token donation of 25c to cover expenses (and coffee!) is requested from non-members.  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE FOR THIS MEETING.

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