Science Education Seminar

organised by
Faculty of Education, University of Malta
Malta Council for Science and Technology

Wednesday, 3 May 2000
Project House
Works Division

0900hrs - 1330hrs

The Science Education Seminar was born out of the idea that research in Science Education is an integral part of curriculum development and the ongoing professional development of science teachers.  A great deal of research is being carried out in science education both on an international as well as a national level and it is important that future teachers of science are aware of the research which is being carried out.

Much of the research in science education at a national level is being carried out within the Faculty of Education.  Another reference point for science educators in Malta is the Science & Technology Education Network of the Malta Council for Science and Technology which co-ordinates a number of projects in science education.  The science Education Seminar is the forum where this research can be disseminated and examples of excellence in research as well as curriculum development shared within an "educational community" (National Minimum Curriculum, p.86).

As such we would like to invite you to participate in the first Science Education Seminar.  Together we can share ideas, learn about research which has already been carried out by colleagues and find out more about how we can continue our professional and collegial development through research.

Participation in the seminar is highly recommended and if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could inform Ms. Lucienne Vassallo, Department of Maths, Science & Technical Education, University of Malta.

Dr. Deborah Chetcuti
Faculty of Education

Ms. Moira Dillon