Work-in-Progress Seminar

On Wednesday, 6 December 2000, Dr. Josephine Ann Cutajar, Indiana University will be discussing the topic entitled 'Widowhood in the Island where Time Stands Still: Epistemological and Discursive Concerns' during the next Work-in-Progress Seminar.

In this presentation, the researcher will explore the problems she faced when it came to choosing the epistemologies and methodoly to help her collect the data and analyze it in her research project.  In her attempt to study how access to social services in the Maltese Islands is affected by the individualís location within the community as well as the communityís location with the nation and the nationís location within the global context, the researcher had to make use of multiple epistemologies. Once the stories were collected from the widowed representatives as well as state officials, the issue issue that arose centered around the re-telling of the stories.  How is the format and content affected knowing that the stories are for exportation?  To which scopic concerns is the author as cultural broker responding?

The seminar will be held from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm in Lecture Centre Room 118, University of Malta, Msida (Entrance from Car Park 2). Discussion and drinks will follow.