The Edward de Bono Seminar 2001

For the ninth consecutive year, the University of Malta is holding The Edward  de Bono Seminar.  One hundred and thirty people will be participating in this Seminar which will be conducted by Dr. Edward de Bono himself.

Dr. Edward de Bono is the originator of lateral thinking and is regarded as the leading authority in the world in the field of creative and conceptual thinking.  He has written 63 books which has been translated into 35 languages and has made two television series.  There are over 4,000,000 references to his work on the Internet.

Many multinational corporations as well as governments have sought his expertise and his programmes for the direct teaching of thinking in schools are used worldwide.

The opening address was delivered by Mr. Charles Mizzi, Director General, Education who spoke about the introduction of Dr de Bono's Thinking Skills in local schools.  "Last year," he said, "the Curriculum Department of the Education Division set up a team of teachers whose task would be to develop materials and strategies to incorporate the teaching of thinking in the curricular area of Personal and Social Education (P.S.E.)."  Through these strategies children would, said Mr Mizzi, "... gain the confidence to think; the realisation that thinking is not the exclusive realm of the gifted; the confidence to contribute to a discussion and to feel that their contribution is valid; the ability to focus on a situation from a variety of angles; the ability of sustained concentration, as well as the discovery that thinking is fun, that they all have brains which function as well as anyone elseís where thinking is concerned ..."

"Edward de Bono's techniques are effective tools which can be used to solve problems and to develop new ideas," says Ms. Sandra Dingli, the seminar organiser.  "De Bono's techniques have proved their worth across all boundaries and this is one of the reasons why persons from so many different walks of life have adopted these systems on and on-going basis.  In Malta they have recently been introduced into the local state education system through P.S.E"

The venue for the Seminar, which will be attended by over 100 participants, is the Erin Serracino Inglott Hall, University of Malta.  More information about Dr. de Bono's techniques may be obtained from Ms. Sandra Dingli on Tel: 323981; 32902434.

Contact Person:
Sandra Dingli
The Edward de Bono Programme for the Design and Development of Thinking
University of Malta
Msida, MSD06
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