Diplo Projects at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies The Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies University of Malta is organizing three weeks of international conferences and workshops.

International Conference on Language and Diplomacy
26-28 January, 2001
DiploProjects is organizing its first International Conference on Language and Diplomacy. The conference will bring together leading figures in foreign affairs, diplomatic studies and linguistics. The conference will be examining traditional aspects of language in diplomacy, as well as new issues raised by information technology. Presentations will address the issue from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The official opening of the Conference will be held at the Sala Isouard, at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta. The event, which coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies will be hosted by Prof. Felix Meier. H.E. Professor Guido de Marco, President of Malta will be giving a Keynote address.

Introductory Workshop for Postgraduate Diploma on Diplomacy & Information Technology
29 January - 8 February 2001
Following the conference, there will be an introductory workshop for the third online postgraduate diploma course in Information Technology and Diplomacy. The course consists of a 10-day introductory workshop in Malta followed by 8 months of distance learning. It will focus on a broad spectrum of issues, including the position of diplomats in a globalised world, new issues on diplomatic agendas, and the use of the Internet and other IT-based tools for diplomatic activities.

International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy
9 - 11 February, 2001
As the importance of the Internet has grown and the number of users increased in recent years, the Internet has become an important public diplomacy tool for diplomatic services, and also for non-governmental organisations, international organisations and others who present their views about international developments to the public.

DiploProjects has organised the International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy with the aim of creating a forum fordiscussion of all issues related to web-management in the field ofdiplomacy, and to draw lessons from past experiences withweb-development. The conferences and workshops will all be held at the Victoria Hotel, Sliema.