EAN holds Malta Meeting The European Access Network (EAN) recently held its 32nd Executive Committee Meeting in Malta under the chairmanship of its current President, Professor Roger Ellul-Micallef.  Items on the agenda included the further internationalisation of the EAN, its present research projects including one on combating social exclusion as well as research and development work to be undertaken in the future.  Asked for his comments on the EAN, Professor Ellul-Micallef had this to say:  "The EAN is developing a sound holistic approach to widening access to Universities and participation in higher education.  It holds fast to the guiding principles of quality and equity.  The EAN never loses sight of the central educational and democratic goal of individual empowerment, at one end of the spectrum, and opening up access across national barriers, on the other, thus promoting mobility and the European dimension."

Its tenth Anniversary Conference is scheduled to take place at the University of Glasgow in June with the theme "Can collaboration widen participation".

16 January, 2001