New Department of Family Medicine A new initiative within the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery has been the setting up of a Department of Family Medicine.  Contacts between the Dean of the Faculty,   Professor Mark Brincat, and Dr Denis Soler, President of the Malta College of Family Doctors, resulted in the establishment of an interim Advisory Committee on Family Medicine, its brief being to draw up a philosophy for the department with aims and objectives and to draft an Undergraduate Curriculum in Family Medicine.

The Department was formally established recently with the appointment of Dr Denis Soler and Dr Ray Busuttil as lecturers, and Dr Pierre Mallia, Dr Joseph G Pace, Dr Mario R Sammut, Dr Philip Sciortino and Dr Vincent S Zammit as Assistant Lecturers, Dr Soler being appointed as Head of the new Department.

In response to the proposals made by the Advisory Committee, an extensive review is being made of the present undergraduate curriculum in order to integrate the family medicine module into the existing curriculum.  The programme is intended to provide the medical student with integrated training and experience during the three clinical years through both theoretical teaching and also clinical attachments within Family Practices in the community.   It is also envisaged that the Department will play a role in the Vocational Training Programme in Family Medicine presently being prepared by the Health Division in consultation with the Malta College of Family Doctors and the Medical Association of Malta.

24th August 2001