Talk by Professor Flick, member of the Italian Constitutional Court In acceptance of an invitation extended to him by the President of Malta, Professor Guido de Marco,
Professor Giovanni Maria Flick, a Judge in Italy's Constitutional Court, will visit Malta from the 10th to the 13th November.  During his stay, Professor Flick will give a talk which will focus mainly on the issue of globalisation, its European dimension and its rules, especially after the events of 11 September.

Professor Flick was Minister of Justice in the Prodi government between 1996 and 1998. Afterwards, he represented Italy in the drawing up of the European Unionís Human Rights document and, in February 2000, was nominated as Judge in Italyís Constitutional Court.   Up until his nomination, Prof. Flick also had an illustrious career as a lecturer in some of Italyís best universities, interrupted only by his ministerial appointment.

This public lecture will be of particular interest to all legal practioners as well as to students of law and diplomacy and all those interested in this important economic and political subject. The lecture, which is being organised by the Italian Embassy in collaboration with the University of Malta, will be held at the Aula Magna, Foundation for International Studies, Valletta on Monday, 12 November at 1730hrs and will be conducted in Italian.

During his stay in Malta, Professor Flick, who will be travelling with his wife and is visiting Malta for the first time, will be the guest of the President of Malta.

1 November 2001