Human Resources Needs Survey
Graduate & Other Qualified Persons A press conference was recently held to launch this joint initiative. (Photo from r to l)

in collaboration with
The Malta Federation of Industry
The Malta Chamber of Commerce
Employment and Training Corporation


Graduate & Other Qualified Persons

Last year, the University of Malta, in collaboration with the Malta Federation of Industry, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Employment and Training Corporation, organised the Graduate Potential Seminar.  Many interesting and valid ideas were discussed at this forum which was attended by well over a hundred businessmen, industrialists and academics.  After the seminar, the Rector asked several persons to create a group to explore the ideas put forward during the seminar and to make some concrete suggestions as to ways of improving the relationship between the University, industry and business.

The proposed human resources needs survey is a first step to a better understanding of the needs of industry, business and the public sector as regards full time qualified staff.  It intends to cover the present employment situation among various categories, including graduates, while at the same time inviting enterprises and organisations to think in some detail about their future requirements.

The Graduate Potential Group would be most pleased if you could spare some time to fill in this short survey which is available in electronic format at:

Synergy between the business and industrial communities and the University is important for every enterprise in Malta.  The successful future of Enterprise Malta, and thus of your firm or company, is dependent on the countryís ability to develop timely and relevant qualified human resources for both the private and public sectors.  A high participation rate in surveys such as this one is therefore essential and will contribute to the creation of an important knowledge base. The results of the survey will help to raise awareness among the student population about trends in employment prospects  which in turn will help all those concerned to maximise the use of limited resources, in this case by means of relevant and timely human resources development.

Both the private and the public sectors are being asked to fill in this survey form. It is clearly understood that filling in this form does not in any way represent a commitment by the enterprise or organisation as regards actual future employment. As indicated above, the exercise is meant as an information tool to obtain trends in employment prospects in the next few years.

The deadline for filling in and submitting the form is Friday, 16 March 2001.

Thank you for your attention and your time.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Joseph Micallef
Graduate Potential Group
University of Malta