Press Releases 2001 

Courses commencing in February 2002 (18.12.2001)

Science Dean's Awards (17.12.2001)
Public Lecture on Biomedical Information Engineering (11.12.2001)
Christmas Concert (06.12.2001)
The University participates in 'Malta - Crossroads of Civilisation' at the U.N. Headquarters in Geneva (05.12.2001)
Annual Biology Symposium (29.11.2001)
Student Advisors for International University Students (28.11.2001)
MISA Cultural Fiesta (27.11.2001)
Work in Progress Seminar (21.11.2001)
Studying in the US (14.11.2001)
Talk by Professor Flick, member of the Italian Constitutional Court (01.11.2001)
US Visiting Professor for the Literacy Unit of the University of Malta (November 2001)
Newly Elected Executive Board for the Malta Medical Students' Association (November 2001)
Verdi in 19th Century (24.10.2001)
New Parking Arrangements on Campus (22.10.2001)
saces Workshop (12.10.2001)
International Conference on Medical History (08.10.2001)
Orientation for International Students at the University of Malta (September 2001)
Psychiatric Update (20.09.2001)
A fun way of learning about British icons (August 2001)
The Edward de Bono Seminar 2001 (July 2001)
New Department of Family Medicine (24.08.2001)
The Faculty of Laws states its position concerning Maltese 21.07.2001)
Memorandum of Understanding with Scarman Centre - Criminology in Malta (08.07.2001)
Mediterranean Master's In Human Rights and Democratisation Scholarships Offer (06.07.2001)
Admissions 2001 (04.07.2001)
Course in Music Appreciation at the University Gozo Centre (June 2001)
The Gozo Observer - Fifth Issue (27.06.2001)

Short Course in "Fundamentals of Office Computing" (26.06.2001)
Choral Sacred Music Concert (22.06.2001)
Malta Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies Association - M.E.E.R.E.A. (13.06.2001)
University of Malta - MITTS (12.06.2001)
Catalogue of Colonial Despatches presented to the Library of the University of Malta (06.06.2001)
Open Knock-out Competition - University Staff Football Team beaten by 2nd divion champions - the Police (22.05.2001)
Department of Medicine staff honoured (May 2001)
University Summer School 2001 (17.05.2001)
Bank of Valletta supports medical research in the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery (14.05.2001)
French/Algerian Connections with Malta (07.05.2001)
The Human Genome: Are We Free or Determined? (03.05.2001)
New Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies (03.05.2001)
Second Spring Clinical Pharmacy Conference (02.05.2001)
Photographic Competition (April 2001)
Calling all songwriters! (April 2001)

Kuwaiti Delegation Visits the University of Malta (April 2001)

Exhibition of works by Dun Gorg Preca (April 2001)
Work in Progress Seminar (26.04.2001)
The Opening of the M.A. Vassalli Lecture Centre (20.03.2001)
Mnajdra (19.04.2001)

Work in Progress Seminar (19.04.2001)
Lecture on Il Barbiere di Siviglia (18.04.2001)

Paediatric Update (11.04.2001)

Human Resources Needs Survey Graduate & Other Qualified Persons (March 2001)
Students and teachers from North Carolina visit Malta (March 2001)

Intensive Language Preparation Courses (March 2001)
Work in Progress Seminar (30.03.2001)
Former University of Malta Student appointed Chairman of the largest Yugoslav Bank (30.03.2001)

University Staff football team still undefeated (30.03.2001)
Jovan Kurbalija appointed Visiting Professor at the prestigious Vienna Diplomatic Academy (30.03.2001)

Presentation of Archeological Photographs and Malta War Relief Fund papers to the University Library (29.03.2001)

Dr Ruth Whitehouse - Public Lecture (21.03.2001)

Villaggio Globale in Malta (23.03.2001)

Elected Rector for the second time (15.03.2001)

Work in Progress Seminar (15.03.2001)
Science Dean's List (15.03.2001)

Faculty of Arts Dean's List (08.03.2001)

Former Members to join KSU in Centenary Celebrations (February 2001)
Graduate Potential Group (February 2001)

Socrates Intensive Programme on Social Exclusion Hosted in Malta (28.02.2001)

Europe comes to Junior College (28.02.2001)
Lectures on the History of France (15.02.2001)
Work in Progress Seminar (14.02.2001)
Diplo Projects at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (January 2001)
Launch of the first book on the Maltese village of Kirkop (26.01.2001)
University Staff football team achieves second league victory (26.01.2001)
Junior College Science Museum (23.01.2001)
Launch of the Professional Development Portfolio (16.01.2001)
Laboratory Tests and Family Practice (16.01.2001)

EAN holds Malta Meeting (16.01.2001)
Credit in Artistic Management (16.01.2001)

Work in Progress Seminar (09.01.2001)

UNESCO Chair in Mediterranean Education Studies (08.01.2001)